Experience the Power of the SANY SY500H Excavator: A Cut Above the CAT 349!

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Why the SANY SY500H Excavator Is a Step Ahead of the CAT 349

Struggling to decide between the SANY SY500H and the CAT 349 excavators? In this blog post, we’ll explore and compare the features of both machines to help you make an informed decision.

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The SANY SY500h is a powerful 400hp crawler excavator with a 25'3" dig depth, making it the ideal excavator for construction tasks such as underground installation, demolition work, or large excavation jobs.

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The CAT 349 excavator is no slouch either; with a 22.8' reach, it offers long-distance accuracy in order to get tough projects done quickly and efficiently. It also has two speed tracks, allowing an operator to maximize productivity on the job site.

When comparing these two machines, there are several elements to consider:

Power & Application

The SANY SY500H is a 400hp large excavator that has been designed for heavy-duty construction projects such as pipe installation, site prep work, underground maintenance, demolition, large excavation work, and more. Suitable for companies that want to purchase or rent big iron, this machine is the workhorse on whatever jobsite it pursues.

SY500H vs. CAT 349 Case Study

The CAT 349 is also a powerful excavator with a 424hp engine built to provide maximum torque and traction in all kinds of soil conditions. However, compared side by side in terms of power & stability, the SY500 packs an impressive 120,152lbs that easily trumps that of the CAT 349 which is at 105,200lbs, and its maximum dig depth is 25'3", further illustrating its strength and capability. Its stability on tough terrains due to its low ground pressure capabilities also make it easier for operators to maneuver around large dig sites even during rainy weather conditions.

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Maintenance & Service

Additionally, if you’re looking for an excavator that offers easy maintenance and reliable service, look no further than the SANY SY500H with its advanced remote monitoring system allowing users to check levels of oil or other fluids without ever leaving the site or taking off your hard hat. With easily accessible panels, operators can do daily checks quickly and efficiently, and warranty servicing can be accomplished with minimal downtime.

Plus, with SANY's industry best 5 year, 5,000 hour warranty, the SY500H can't be beat.

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Safety & Operator Comfort

The SANY SY500H is equipped with numerous safety features such as adjustable seat belts, emergency shut off switch and warning systems to ensure proper operation at all times, making it an ideal choice for any construction site requiring the big guys.

In addition, this machine operates more quietly than other comparable models making it more socially responsible machine in public works areas where noise pollution can be disruptive. Its spacious cab and adjustable in-cab features make it a comfortable everyday "office" for your operators.

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Trucking & Transportation

The SANY SY500H excavator is a powerful, advanced machine that further sets itself apart from the competition due to its convenient self-loading counterweight. This feature allows for the transport team to quickly and easily transport the machine from one location to another, saving both time and money. Additionally, this counterweight also helps reduce the strain on the engine, resulting in enhanced performance and increased fuel efficiency compared to other excavators.

How to utilize the self-loading counterweight

Removing and reinstalling the self-loading counterweight on the SANY SY500H excavator is a relatively simple task.

  1. First, the operator needs to lower the boom and blade to the ground and remove the bolts from the underside of the counterweight.
  2. After removing the bolts, they can then access the crane system through the side panel, pull the lever, and easily disconnect and lower the counterweight.
  3. The counterweight and machine can then be safely transported in two sections to the next destination.
  4. Once at their destination, the operator must reattach the counterweight again using its built-in crane system to reinstall it securely with bolts before resuming operation of the machine.

This built-in system minimizes downtime and transport time, in turn saving money for the customer. With its excellent self-loading counterweight, it's no wonder that the SANY SY500H has become one of the most sought after excavators on job sites around the globe.

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Overall, choosing an excavator doesn’t have to be hard – especially when you have a reliable machine like the SANY SY500h at your disposal anytime you need it. With its superior engine power and amazing digging capabilities, this heavy machinery operator's choice provides extraordinary performance each time – thus proving why it stands above the rest in comparison with many other models on today’s market including its main competitor - the CAT 349.

So whether you’re an experienced heavy machinery operator looking for a powerful machine or an individual looking to rent an excavator near you, consider choosing a SANY SY500H – they deliver great results while providing value and reliability at any jobsite!

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**The information in this blog is accurate for the 2022 SY500H Excavator model at the time of publishing.***

Date: 01.05.2023
Topics: Machine Comparisons