SANY SY500H Excavator Review: Machine Walkaround

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When you’ve got a BIG job, you want a machine that’s FULLY LOADED.

The SANY SY500H is one of SANY’s most powerful large excavators, built with the magnitude to help you crush any job.

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With a 400 HP Cummins Engine and pre-plumbed auxiliary hydraulics, this monster machine can move massive amounts of dirt, bust up rock, or demolish a building with any attachment from the get-go!

Plus, the SANY 500 excavator comes standard with a counterweight self-loading/removal system that makes transporting this mammoth machine as easy as possible, yet gets you back up and running in no time.

Learn more about what the SANY SY500H excavator has to offer as Newman Tractor’s field technician Nate Pietrosky takes you on a tour in this machine walkaround video!

How is the SY500H FULLY LOADED?

SANY built the SY500H ready to handle whatever job you need. And that means your machine is ready from the get-go, no add-ons or ‘optional purchases’ necessary. Whereas other brands charge extra for pre-plumbed auxiliary hydraulics or a self-loading counterweight system, every SY500H comes standard with these features and more so you can get the job done from the get-go.

Standard Counterweight Removal System

THE SY500H Excavator has a 21,385 lb counterweight. For a machine of this size, it could take multiple technicians hours to remove and replace a counterweight for transportation.

From job to job, the amount of downtime in between prepping for transport and re-loading at the jobsite would mean money out the door. However, the SANY SY500H comes standard with a self-loading counterweight system.

This hydraulically removable counterweight can be easily removed and re-attached through an easily accessible control system in the side panel. Through utilizing the removable counterweight system, owners and operators can reduce travel restriction and lower transportation expenses.

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Top Example Applications for the SY500H:

The SANY SY500H is built to endure the largest and toughest applications. See below for a few of the most popular use cases for this monster machine.

  • Site prep such as moving material, shaping the foundation, digging footers, etc.
  • Underground Maintenance including installing systems underground and backfilling material
  • Placing pipe and trench boxes
  • Working with a steep grade environment
  • Demolition work with hammers, sheers, crushers, grapples, and other attachments
  • Production of mines, quarries, etc.
  • Other production including material movement and separation
Features of the SY500H:

The SANY SY500H is built with the industry’s top features and benefits. Competitive with models like the CAT 349, John Deere 470G LC, Case CX350D, the SY500H excavator is equipped with the following features:

  • 400 HP Cummins Engine
  • Pre-plumbed hydraulics come standard
  • Operating Weight: 120,152 lb
  • Dig Depth: 25’3”
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 61,822 lbf
  • 84” mass excavation bucket option
  • Kawasaki Pumps
  • Parker Hydraulics
  • Pattern-Control Changer
  • Spacious cab with high operator visibility
  • Heat and AC, Radio,
  • Heated Air-ride seat

And of course, as with every SANY excavator, the SY500 holds the SANY exclusive 5-year 5000 hour warranty, so you can be sure to keep your machine running at peak performance!

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Learn more about what the SANY SY500H excavator has to offer as Newman Tractor’s very own Nate Pietrosky takes you on a tour in this machine walkaround video!


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Date: 08.04.2022
Topics: SANY, Machine Walkarounds