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Each new venture starts with an idea and requires a team of people to help bring that vision to light.

When preparing for any construction project, it is easy to focus on the tangible details of the project – things like building materials and architectural finishes. In order to get to that stage of the game, you have to start from the ground up and focus on the dirt your project will be built on; and in most cases, the volume of dirt you will need to move to effectively bring the vision full circle.

All construction projects consist of planning, timelines, budgets, inspections, communication, collaboration and should satisfy the owners expectations.

In the case of the Lake Myrtle Water Ski & Sports Park, collaboration has been a key factor to keep the project rolling.

Good project collaboration means more than just everyone completing tasks on schedule; it involves building relationships of trust and respect with all stakeholders to successfully complete a project.

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The Lake Myrtle Water Ski & Sports Park is a shared effort between Polk County and the City of Auburndale. This multi-purpose sports complex currently consists of nine collegiate-size baseball fields and 11 lighted soccer fields. A $4 million soccer stadium is currently under construction on the championship soccer field that will allow the city to host larger tournaments from around the country, in addition to a $2.6 million site for water sports competitions on the south end of the complex.

The goals for this new construction are to:

  • Attract additional events to the complex
  • Increase tourism in our community
  • And build a fun environment where families can create new and lasting memories

To help bring this vision to reality, Springer Construction was contracted to oversee the entire life cycle of the development. They have been onsite since the initial groundbreaking moment and will remain onsite until the grand opening ceremony. To ensure each stage of development remains on budget and on deadline, Springer Construction partnered with Davis Grading to handle the earth-moving portion of the project, who then brought Newman Tractor in to supply the big iron.

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About the Project.

The Lake Myrtle Water Ski & Sports Park project consists of a 16.5-acre lake expansion as well as what will become a 1,200-person pre-cast soccer stadium with personal training rooms, site work and paving.

The amount of dirt being moved on this project is enough to fill six football fields 10 feet high. - Brenton McLean

Utilizing the SANY SY500H for the Ski Lake expansion project has allowed the team to move more dirt and stay on deadline. Along with 25 and 30-ton articulated dump trucks and SANY’s new single drum vibratory roller, the SY500H is being used on the jobsite to complete the grading at a maximum pace.

“Loading with five scoops compared to 20 makes the process go faster and keeps the trucks coming back sooner,” Chris Purvis, Davis Grading operator.
Check out the video below and hear from the professionals about how they are working to move 120,000 cubic yards of dirt in just 7 months!

How Leveraging Strategic Partnerships in the Dirt World Helps Shape Community Development

“Great things are rarely achieved by just one person. Usually, they are accomplished by a group of people, and when everyone is committed to the overall goal, teams move faster, are more innovative, and are more successful.”

This project expands much farther than Lake Myrtle itself. Ranked the 7th fastest-growing county in the US, Polk County will continue to prosper with the Lake Myrtle Water Ski and Sports Park. It impacts all of Polk County, its residents, and its visitors.

This initiative has laid the foundation for strong collaboration between partners at varying insertion points within the construction industry. Together, those in the dirt world can come together and “benefit the communities where they live, work, and play” Kait Jens, Springer Construction Project Manager.

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The Lake Myrtle Water Ski & Sports Park project is currently on pace to meet our target for completion at the end of August 2022.

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Follow along in this video as operator Chris from Davis Grading walks us through their site and explains how the SANY SY500H excavator has enabled his team to increase productivity on the job and stay on target to continue to drive community growth in Polk County, Florida.


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Date: 04.21.2022
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