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Newman Tractor is one of the region's best equipment dealerships, serving heavy equipment customers across the country and around the globe. With locations across the eastern unites states and customers across the country we are proud to serve a diverse group of industries and communities alike. If your looking for something specific or in need of assistance, give us a call today!


Brent Chiasson Profile PictureBrent Chiasson Profile Picture
Brent Chiasson

Parts Manager

Email: bchiasson@newmantractor.com

Jason  Coker Profile PictureJason  Coker Profile Picture
Jason Coker

Service & Warranty Administrator

Direct: 863.777.5570

Cell: 863.640.0916

Email: jason@newmantractor.com

Ward Dickinson Profile PictureWard Dickinson Profile Picture
Ward Dickinson

Outside Sales & Rentals

Cell: 863.444.8596

Email: ward@newmantractor.com

Bob Dieterlen Profile PictureBob Dieterlen Profile Picture
Bob Dieterlen

Service Manager

Cell: 859.444.1806

Email: bob@newmantractor.com

Bryce Goff Profile PictureBryce Goff Profile Picture
Bryce Goff

Inside Sales

Direct: 863.533.8900

Cell: 863.444.8677

Email: bryce@newmantractor.com

Travis Hines Profile PictureTravis Hines Profile Picture
Travis Hines

Regional Vice President - Florida

Direct: 863.777.5570

Cell: 863.368.0750

Email: travis@newmantractor.com

Billy Knight Profile PictureBilly Knight Profile Picture
Billy Knight

Branch Manager- Apopka

Cell: 352.441.4936

Email: billy@newmantractor.com

Johanna Manders Profile PictureJohanna Manders Profile Picture
Johanna Manders

Rental Coordinator

Direct: 407.676.2588

Email: johanna@newmantractor.com

Zach Mathis Profile PictureZach Mathis Profile Picture
Zach Mathis

Parts Coordinator

Email: zmathis@newmantractor.com

Kent Montgomery Profile PictureKent Montgomery Profile Picture
Kent Montgomery

Outside Sales & Rentals

Cell: 863.444.8014

Email: kent@newmantractor.com

STEVE O'NEIL Profile PictureSTEVE O'NEIL Profile Picture

Outside Sales & Rentals

Cell: 813.407.8603

Email: steve@newmantractor.com

Matt  Seyl Profile PictureMatt  Seyl Profile Picture
Matt Seyl

Outside Sales & Rentals

Cell: 689.222.6304

Email: mattseyl@newmantractor.com

Craig Snyder Profile PictureCraig Snyder Profile Picture
Craig Snyder

Parts Administrator

Email: csnyder@newmantractor.com

XAVIER VELA Profile PictureXAVIER VELA Profile Picture

Rental Coordinator

Direct: 863.777.5570

Cell: 863.837.8555

Email: xavier@newmantractor.com


Tonya Arrasmith Profile PictureTonya Arrasmith Profile Picture
Tonya Arrasmith

Human Resources Manager

Direct: 859.242.3470

Email: tonya@newmantractor.com

Adam Brown Profile PictureAdam Brown Profile Picture
Adam Brown

VP of Fleet Management

Direct: 859.485.8555

Cell: 859.468.8268

Email: adam@newmantractor.com

Chrystal Clemons Profile PictureChrystal Clemons Profile Picture
Chrystal Clemons

Rental Coordinator

Direct: 859.903.3806

Email: chrystal@newmantractor.com

Herb Cress Profile PictureHerb Cress Profile Picture
Herb Cress

Used Equipment Purchasing

Direct: 859.780.0027

Cell: 513.607.2901

Email: herb@newmantractor.com

Jeff Crowley Profile PictureJeff Crowley Profile Picture
Jeff Crowley


Cell: 859.760.5816

Email: jcrowley@newmantractor.com

Jordan Flege Profile PictureJordan Flege Profile Picture
Jordan Flege

Outside Sales & Rentals

Cell: 513.800.3459

Email: jordan@newmantractor.com

Nick Garcia Profile PictureNick Garcia Profile Picture
Nick Garcia

Rental Coordinator

Cell: 513-482-9383

Email: ngarcia@newmantractor.com

Dena Guess Profile PictureDena Guess Profile Picture
Dena Guess

Data Systems Specialist

Cell: 859.444.8288

Email: dena@newmantractor.com

Jeff Hammonds Profile PictureJeff Hammonds Profile Picture
Jeff Hammonds

Parts Manager

Direct: 859.485.7963

Cell: 859.743.3157

Email: jeff@newmantractor.com

Scott Harmeling Profile PictureScott Harmeling Profile Picture
Scott Harmeling

Inside Sales

Direct: 859.608.1000

Cell: 859.608.1000

Email: scott@newmantractor.com

Chris Hooker Profile PictureChris Hooker Profile Picture
Chris Hooker

VP of Sales & Rentals

Cell: 859.750.8599

Email: chooker@newmantractor.com

Tony Kelly Profile PictureTony Kelly Profile Picture
Tony Kelly

Outside Sales & Rentals

Cell: 859.380.8577

Email: tonyk@newmantractor.com

Joshua Kinney Profile PictureJoshua Kinney Profile Picture
Joshua Kinney

AP/AR Analyst

Direct: 859.903.3828

Email: joshua@newmantractor.com

Marty  Malloy Profile PictureMarty  Malloy Profile Picture
Marty Malloy

Strategic Accounts & Sales Development Manager

Direct: 859.888.1588

Cell: 513.659.1612

Email: marty@newmantractor.com

Nathan Milar Profile PictureNathan Milar Profile Picture
Nathan Milar

Sales Coordinator

Cell: 859.242.9012

Email: nmilar@newmantractor.com

Brian Miller Profile PictureBrian Miller Profile Picture
Brian Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Cell: 859.816.9661

Email: brian@newmantractor.com

Nathan  Monroe Profile PictureNathan  Monroe Profile Picture
Nathan Monroe

Logistics Coordinator

Cell: 502.526.2323

Email: nathan@newmantractor.com


VP of Process Improvement & Administration

Direct: 859.801.1774

Cell: 859.801.1774

Email: meredith@newmantractor.com

Rick Newman Profile PictureRick Newman Profile Picture
Rick Newman

President | CEO

Direct: 859.780.0025

Cell: 513.608.9100

Email: rick@newmantractor.com

Justin  Newman Profile PictureJustin  Newman Profile Picture
Justin Newman

Cell: 513.484.2115

Email: justin@newmantractor.com

Leslie Palmer Profile PictureLeslie Palmer Profile Picture
Leslie Palmer

Service Manager

Cell: 513.641.6525

Email: leslie@newmantractor.com

Nicole Rinderle Profile PictureNicole Rinderle Profile Picture
Nicole Rinderle

Marketing Coordinator

Direct: 859.380.0653

Email: nicole@newmantractor.com

Matt Salyers Profile PictureMatt Salyers Profile Picture
Matt Salyers

Finance Manager & Sales

Direct: 859.888.1588

Cell: 859.393.5405

Email: matt@newmantractor.com

Stephanie Smith Profile PictureStephanie Smith Profile Picture
Stephanie Smith

VP of Marketing

Cell: 859.242.1026

Email: stephanie@newmantractor.com

Caroll  Smith Profile PictureCaroll  Smith Profile Picture
Caroll Smith

Credit Manager & Budget Analyst

Direct: 859.888.1588

Cell: 859.802.5298

Email: caroll@newmantractor.com

Ed Sowders Profile PictureEd Sowders Profile Picture
Ed Sowders

Service Manager

Email: esowders@newmantractor.com

Rodney Stephens Profile PictureRodney Stephens Profile Picture
Rodney Stephens

Attachments Manager

Direct: 859.780.0019

Cell: 859.962.1360

Email: rodney@newmantractor.com

Kim Tanner Profile PictureKim Tanner Profile Picture
Kim Tanner

Vice President | CFO

Direct: 859.888.1588

Cell: 859.743.3808

Email: kim@newmantractor.com

Shawna Webb Profile PictureShawna Webb Profile Picture
Shawna Webb

Administrative Assistant

Email: shawna@newmantractor.com

Kenny  Young Profile PictureKenny  Young Profile Picture
Kenny Young

Equipment Refinishing

Cell: 859.640.9050

Email: kennyy@newmantractor.com

Chris Young Profile PictureChris Young Profile Picture
Chris Young

Email: cyoung@newmantractor.com

Liz Zalla Profile PictureLiz Zalla Profile Picture
Liz Zalla

Multimedia Design Specialist

Direct: 859.242.2644

Email: liz@newmantractor.com


Mike Brandon Profile PictureMike Brandon Profile Picture
Mike Brandon

Service Manager- Saint Clairsville

Cell: 740.508.6155

Email: mbrandon@newmantractor.com

Chris Cheatham Profile PictureChris Cheatham Profile Picture
Chris Cheatham

National Outside Rental & Sales Representative

Cell: 740.508.6248

Email: chris@newmantractor.com

Ben Taylor Profile PictureBen Taylor Profile Picture
Ben Taylor

Branch Manager- Saint Clairsville

Cell: 740.508.7996

Email: btaylor@newmantractor.com

Sean Woods Profile PictureSean Woods Profile Picture
Sean Woods

Outside Sales & Rentals

Cell: 740.508.7923

Email: swoods@newmantractor.com

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