Finance isn't the fun part of any machine purchase, but we're here to make sure it's simple. Through our trusted partners and expert support, you can be sure that we will be here to support you all the way through your equipment purchasing process.

What's best for the buyer is best for us and that means getting you the right financing deal for your needs. We partner with a number of institutions dedicated to getting the best package to unique and traditional buyers alike. Newer to business? Have a farm? Let's find the best deal for you!


Parts and service are all a part of the lifespan of a machine.

At Newman Tractor we make sure you're covered financially to maintain your machine in a manner that works for us both! Purchasing your machine is one thing, but the cost of wearable parts and routine service is a cost that has to be factored in for the long run. Our financing tool will help you walk through setting up your credit account with us right alongside your loan application.


Financing support you can count on in any situation.

Experts in machines and in making sure you can get it affordably, our team is here to help. Based on your unique personal or business situation, we will be able to support getting you to the right provider with the right terms to fit your needs. Have questions? We will answer them or find the right person for you who can.

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*Please note none of the information included here should be considered as advice. You should always consult with a professional. The information included here is for educational purposes only and is true at the time of publishing and subject to change.

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Are you in the market for used heavy equipment?

Maybe you’ve been buying equipment for years, or maybe it’s your first time around the block. Regardless, buying used can be a smart financial move for your business. However, it can also be overwhelming, frustrating, and even risky if you don’t know what to look for.

From research to inspection, this article will walk you through all the steps, tips, and tricks to know in advance to make an informed decision on your “new” used equipment. So, grab a cup of coffee or a Redbull – let’s dig in!

Investing in heavy equipment for your business is a big decision!

While Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical metric to consider, there's more to determining the lifetime value of a mini excavator than just costs and profits. When you're investing in a machine that will be an integral part of your operations for years to come, it is essential to look beyond the initial purchase price and consider factors such as durability, reliability, and maintenance requirements that may play into future costs and savings.


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