Get Ready For the All-New SANY SY225 Excavator with Leica Geosystems Machine Control!

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The all-new SANY SY225 Excavator with Leica machine control is the perfect addition to any construction job site where accuracy is concerned. It combines precision, speed, and power with intuitive controls and virtually no learning curve - the ideal tool for even the newest of operators. This excavator will increase productivity and reduce downtime while offering enhanced safety features that make it a prime choice for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient solution for their construction needs.

The SANY SY225 is a mid-sized excavator built by combining the sturdy upper carriage of the SY215 and the longer undercarriage of the SY265. In this new build, the SY225 has a lower ground pressure and extra-steady foundation, making it easy and smooth to bite through those tough soil types and terrains. Other comparable machines in the market today are the CAT 320, CAT 323, Komatsu 220, and Volvo 220.

The SANY SY225 excavator is a powerful and reliable machine designed to be your construction site workhorse.

  • Its 163.6 HP engine delivers quality performance, allowing it to tear through heavy materials with ease.
  • At a 54,013 lb operating weight with a 21’8” maximum dig depth, the SANY SY225 is ideal for large-scale excavation projects, and its 33’10” max reach provides plenty of space for large projects or deep trenches.
  • Plus, the machine can lift up to 31,713 lbs of material at a time and its 28,551 lbs of bucket breakout force makes short work of tough soil.


The SANY SY225 excavator offers a variety of applications for industrial and construction use. Its powerful boom and efficient hydraulics make it an ideal choice for completing heavy-duty construction jobs quickly, and its wide range of attachments makes it versatile for just about any job.

It is ideal for applications such as:
  • Digging
  • Trenching
  • Slope Leveling
  • Building Foundations
  • Road Maintenance
  • Mining Operations
  • Demolition
  • Landfills
  • Material Handling
  • And More
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Leica Geosystems Machine Control

A unique feature offered for the SY225 excavator is the enhanced technology of the Leica Geosystems Machine Control. Machine Control is revolutionizing construction jobsites around the world with its blend of power, precision, safety features, and intuitive controls. As Leica is an open platform, owners and operators can easily set up their system to communicate with the Leica technology, regardless of base technology. Fleet managers who already utilize a Trimble or Topcon base do not have to reinvest in a new base. Also, Leica's file structure is much more user-friendly. It can utilize your existing models from other brands of grade control equipment or directly from the surveyors' or engineers' existing models. The monitor and receiver are interchangeable between machines, so if you're moving from one to another, you can take the monitor with you. It'll keep the information stored and save money from owning multiple machine cab kits.

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However, it’s not just the Machine Control technology that makes this machine top of the line amongst competitors. It also features a suite of advanced safety functions designed to keep operators safe on the job. Its automatic shut-off feature turns off the engine if it senses dangers such as an unexpected drop in oil pressure or temperature levels. Its load-sensing system prevents overloads by automatically adjusting engine speed depending on workload demands. And of course, its clear-view cab and backup camera offer excellent visibility in all directions so operators can always be aware of their surroundings.

The new SY225 SANY Excavator is a machine that will work for you – in whatever application you might need. With its extra-long undercarriage and powerful engine and hydraulics, this medium excavator won't let you down. And, with the new Leica Geosystem installed, you’ll get improved accuracy, increased speed, and enhanced safety –all while reducing downtime and saving money on fuel costs in the long run! If you’re looking for a reliable solution for your construction needs, look no further than this piece of equipment!

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Contact us today for more information about renting or buying our new SANY SY225 Excavator with Leica Geosystems Machine Control!

***All specs are true at the time of publication in February 2023***

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Date: 02.02.2023
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