Elevating the Excavation Life: Why this Small Business Owner Chose the SANY SY35U Mini Excavator


“I enjoy it every day, the long days, the short days,” said Dylan Rouse about his life as a heavy equipment owner-operator.

A year and a half after Dylan started his small business, Elevation Excavation, we had the opportunity to see his excavator in action on a job site in Northern Kentucky.

As a small business owner, Dylan had purchased a CAT skid steer as his first machine. Shortly afterward, a friend of his was looking for an excavator for sale, and Dylan told him about the SANY inventory at Newman Tractor. His friend loved the new SANY so much that when it came time for Dylan to add a mini excavator to his own fleet, the SANY was his top choice.

Even after first buying CAT, he said “I switched over to a SANY excavator. To give a five-year warranty on the machine, it's hard to beat. If you're going to back your work like that, you know it's got to be a good product.”

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How Dylan Uses His SANY SY35U Mini Excavator

Elevation Excavation is a demolition, excavation, and landscaping company based in the Northern Kentucky area. In the new business, Dylan primarily does jobs involving grading and excavation, pipework, land clearing, demolition, and concrete and gravel work.

He chose the SANY SY35U mini excavator as the next machine to add to the Elevation Excavation fleet because he can “pretty much do any job with it, big or small.”

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Why He Chose the SANY SY35U

The job site we had the opportunity to visit was the construction site of a backyard outdoor kitchen in a residential neighborhood. Dylan explained that he loved the SY35U mini excavator for the job because it is nimble enough to maneuver in confined areas, yet powerful enough to dig in the dirt and pull up old tree roots in the process.

  • The SY35U SANY model has a zero-tail swing that enables operators to drive through tight spaces and operate in compact areas like backyards and landscaping.
  • Its operating weight of 8,499lbs makes it the ideal versatile machine. Without the added weight to tear up concrete, it’s small enough to operate across driveways without causing unwanted damage to property, yet powerful enough to uproot tree trunks, dig in tough earth, and move stone.
  • The SY35U is built to be smooth, with a comfortable cab for the operator and a smooth bucket that “makes it feel like you’re not even in a mini,” as Dylan explained.
  • With quick couplers and attachments available such as thumbs, rock breakers, a variety of bucket sizes, and more, small business owner-operators can work swiftly on jobs with different needs.
  • Paired with an industry-leading 5-year, 5000-hour warranty, the SANY SY35U sets owner/operators up for success for the long run.

Now, Dylan is in his second year of running his own business. While it began with excavation, Elevation Excavation is continually growing. We look forward to following Dylan’s journey as Elevation Excavation continues to dig into the future.

“I’m building a dream and I love it,” Dylan said. “I don’t really know what the future holds, but that kind of makes it exciting to me, growing it as it goes and seeing what happens.”

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In this video, follow along as Dylan digs a footer for one of his contractors, and explains how the SANY SY35U mini excavator has enabled his small business to grow and expand.


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Date: 02.08.2022
Topics: On the Job, SANY