Hydraulic Quick Couplers for Excavators: Decreasing Cost and Downtime while Increasing Efficiency on the job


Excavators can be used for all different applications, from digging to grading, hammering to drilling, mulching, raking, and more.

But for all these applications, there’s a different attachment necessary.

How To Change An Excavator Attachment

For excavation projects that require multiple attachments for excavators, the superintendent on the site has three options:

  • To utilize multiple attachments for one machine with a manual coupler
  • To rent or purchase two machines with separate attachments
  • To install a hydraulic quick coupler on an excavator to switch between attachments
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Manual vs. hydraulic couplers: While manual couplers may be less expensive upfront, manually changing the buckets and attachments can dramatically increase downtime on the job, ultimately driving cost savings.

It can take two operators / technicians up to an hour to change out a bucket on an excavator with a sledgehammer, increasing labor costs. Manually switching attachments requires driving out bolts and pins which can often be warped, deformed, or rusted, causing more problems for the process including safety risks and potential damage to the machine.

Some job sites opt for two machines with separate attachments rather than settling for the added downtime of manually changing them out. While this can increase efficiency on the site, the added cost of renting or purchasing and maintaining a second machine can be an unnecessary hit to the project budget.

Utilizing a hydraulic quick coupler is more and more becoming the most popular method of changing attachments on the job.

Check out this video to learn more:

How To Operate A Hydraulic Quick Coupler

A hydraulic quick coupler is a device that enables the operator to switch back and forth between buckets and attachments without having to even leave the cab. If your job requires disconnecting and reconnecting lines and attachments more than once a week, a hydraulic quick coupler is recommended.


  • Convenience

  • Efficiency

  • Money

  • Safety

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Hydraulic quick couplers are outfitted with two locking mechanisms. The pin grabber or “locking jaw” is the primary locking mechanism, coupled with the safety lock. The operator is able to provide hydraulic pressure from the machine with the touch of a button to the hydraulic cylinder that actuates the locking jaw and grabs the pin. This process takes two minutes, compared to the hour it would take manually.

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For job sites with tight deadlines and budgets, the hydraulic quick coupler will allow operators to increase efficiency on the job and decrease spend for additional labor hours or machines. Follow along in this video to learn more.


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Date: 05.05.2022
Topics: Equipment Tutorials