SANY SY35U Mini Excavator In Action: Five Day Backyard Transformation

Join us today as we dive back into the action with Elevation Excavation's owner/operator, Dylan, and his mini yet mighty SANY SY35U excavator. In just 5 short days, they're on a mission to transform an aging backyard into a brand new oasis for a deserving family.

From demolition to precision digging, pouring concrete, and expert hardscaping, Dylan's crew is racing against time to meet their tight deadline and deliver a project in record time.

Follow along as this small business owner and excavator operator shares his insights on the job of digging footers, crafting retaining walls, and transforming a backyard with the help of his SANY mini excavator. The end result will provide this family with a pristine space to create cherished memories. 🌟👷‍♂️