Hydraulic Quick Connect: Changing Excavator Buckets & Attachments

Utilizing a hydraulic quick coupler is more and more becoming the most popular method of changing attachments on the job. You’re on a mission, and you don’t have time to waste on your jobsite. That’s why when it comes to changing excavator attachments, the “old way” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Excavators can be used for all different applications, from digging to grading, hammering, drilling, mulching, raking, and more. For excavation projects that require multiple attachments, the operator can either use a manual coupler, multiple machines, or a hydraulic quick coupler to switch from bucket to bucket or bucket to attachment.

While manual couplers may be less expensive upfront, manually changing the buckets can dramatically increase downtime; it can take an hour for two men to manually swap attachments. Some job sites opt for two machines with separate attachments which can increase efficiency on the site, but the added cost of renting or purchasing another machine can be an unnecessary hit to the project budget.

A hydraulic quick coupler, also called the hydraulic quick connect or quick change, is a device that enables the operator to switch back and forth between buckets and attachments from the comfort of the cab. Outfitted with two locking mechanisms, the hydraulic quick coupler’s pin grabber or “locking jaw” and safety lock work together to exchange the necessary buckets or attachments. The advantages to using a hydraulic quick coupler include more convenience, less time and money, and an increase to safety on the job site.

For projects with tight deadlines and budgets, the hydraulic quick coupler will allow operators to increase efficiency on the job and decrease spend for additional labor hours or machines. Follow along in this video as Newman Tractor mechanic Nate Pietrosky demonstrates how to use a hydraulic quick coupler on a SANY SY80U excavator and explains how hydraulic quick couplers help maximize performance and safety and minimize cost on the job!

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