How To Buff And Polish Your Machine In Three Quick Steps

"ForCliff" is BACK to share his tricks for buffing scratches and polishing dull paint on any machine, heavy equipment, car, or vehicle! With a few tools, some rubbing compound, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can bring your scratched, hazy paint back to life in minutes!

This New Holland Tractor with a bushhog on the back was scratched, dull, and needed a little bit of TLC. Without having to repaint, Cliff shows how you can do a single stage buff job with just a little micro compound and make your machine look brand new again!

See all of these detailing tips and more on Newman Tractor's Deconstruction! It's a do-it-yourself world and we’re excited to have the boys back in action to help you detail and do the car repair work on your machine, car, or truck!