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Sany SY500H Excavator

Finance a brand new Sany SY500H excavator today with 0% interest and America's best 5 year 5,000 warranty! We've got Sany SY500H excavators in stock and ready for your next rental or sale! Give us a call today!


Tier 4f/ Stage IV Certified

Rated Power: 400 hp / 298 kW

Operating Weight: 115,743 lbf-ft

Bucket Breakout: 61,822 lbf / 275 kN

Dig Depth: 27’ 1”

Sany SY500H Excavators For Sale

Newman Tractor is an authorized Sany equipment dealership with over 40 years of experience in the construction equipment sales and rental industry. Call us today for financing deals or for a free on-site demo! 859-485-8500

Meet the New Sany SY500H Excavator

The SY500H is the largest excavator offered by SANY in North America. This machine has the power to handle larger jobs such as pipelines and mining. This is a stout 50 Ton excavator with the reliability and efficiency of a Cummins Tier 4F engine. The removable counterweight system reduces transportation costs and complications. The SY500H easily outshines the competition.

The Sany SY500H excavator is designed to help you work efficiently while maximizing your job site productivity. The 36.5 ton excavator has many features to help operators achieve the balance of power, smoothness, fuel efficiency, and speed.

Sany SY500H Tech Specs

Sany SY500H Machine Features

  • First-class components guarantee reliable operation in heavy-duty mining conditions.
  • A powerful engine and large bucket capacity provide fast operation and high efficiency.
  • Removable counterweight reduces travel restrictions and lowers transportation expenses.
  • Ground-level maintenance (filters).
  • Long-life oil and filters extend maintenance cycles and reduce service costs.
  • Optimized cabin for excellent visibility and maximum operator comfort & safety.
  • 3 Aux Circuits (high flow/high-pressure circuit, low flow/low-pressure circuit, Quick coupler circuit).
  • In-cab touch button auxiliary hydraulic flow adjustment.
  • Rearview camera.
  • Pattern control change valve.

High Efficiency and Low Consumption Engine

High Economy

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power. The perfect combination of this two realizes the heavy-duty mode with a large workload, the standard mode with auto-adjusted engine speed and light-duty mode, high efficiency and low fuel consumption while optimizing the combustion.

Auto Deceleration System

The function of auto deceleration or acceleration reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%. When an operation has been stopped for 3 seconds, the engine speed drops automatically to idle level and maintains the idling state. When the operation is resumed by maneuvering the control levers, the engine speed will increase to the set rpm within 0.1 seconds. The working capability is resumed instantly.

Pressure Sealed Cab

The sealed design ensures that the air pressure inside the cab is higher than outside, thus preventing the dust invasion.

Luxurious Mechanical Damping Seat

The suspension rigidity can be adjusted according to the drivers' weight, effectively absorbing the vibration came from the cab floor to improve comfort and reduce fatigue.

Operator Comfort

Innovative Large Cab

The innovative large cab is equipped with an adjustable seat with suspension. The seat can be adjusted as desired. The rigidity of the seat can also be adjusted accord­ing to the operator's weight.

Controls & Levers

The control levers and joysticks designed and arranged according to ergonomic can be operated easily. Each operation button is within the reach of the operator.

Silicone Rubber Shock Absorber

A rubber shock absorber is fixed to the swing platform in six points, which has minimized the shock brought by rough road and engine or hydraulic impact. This considerably increased the cab stability while improving operator comfort.

Multi-functional LCD Monitor

Large LCD monitor can ensure safe, precise and stable operation. This LCD can be easily read from various angles under different light conditions.

1) Working mode 5
2) Throttle gear
3) Engine coolant temp gauge
4) Fuel level gauge 8
5) Working hours, function on/off menu
6) Failure code
7) System clock
8) Function menu

Working Mode Selection

Touch the display to switch working mode
Heavy-duty mode: maximum operating efficiency
Standard mode: reducing fuel consumption and noise
Light duty mode: lower fuel consumption and high economy
Breaker mode: special for hammer

Monitoring Function

In case any abnormality of oil amount, water temperature, hydraulic pressure, etc. should occur, failure information will be displayed on the monitor timely.

Maintenance Function

You will be prompted on the monitor screen with the maintenance items and replacement intervals when the maintenance schedule is due.

Sany SY500H Additional Features

Engine Customized for SANY

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power. The perfect combination of this two realizes the high efficiency and low fuel consumption under the different working mode, while optimizing the combustion.

Four Working Mode Selection

The working mode could be switched according to the operation needs. The heavy-duty mode is for the maximum operating efficiency; the standard mode is for reducing the fuel consumption and noise; the light-duty mode is for lowering the fuel consumption and high economy and the breaker mode is special for the hammering condition.

Comfortable Operation

The spacious and sealed cab is not only creating a quiet environment for the operator but ensures the air pressure inside is higher than the outside, preventing the dust invasion. The innovative silicone rubber shock absorber, equipped in the operator station, minimizes the shock brought by the rough road condition or hydraulic impact, considerably increasing the stability of the cab and improving the comfort of the operator. Multiple air outlets at different levels and locations give the operators more comfort, especially in a stuffy environment.

Much More Extensive View

The improved cab design elements the previous narrowed blind zone, by reducing the column size and decreasing the structural strength of the cab.

Easier Monitoring & Maintenance

Additional oil drain valve on swing mechanism makes gear oil replacement much easier.
The accessible oil filter installed far away from the engine ensures easy maintenance. The radiator, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank, and oil pan are equipped with screw plugs at the bottom, which is convenient for discharging the exterior substance and waste liquid.

Sany SY500H Excavator Parts

Here at Newman Tractor, our Parts Department is always ready to answer questions about your Sany SY500H excavator and deliver the parts you need, when you need them. Get your order started by calling us at 859.485.8500

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