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Tier 4f/ Stage V Certified

Rated Power: 314 hp / 231 kW

Operating Weight: 82 232 lbs / 37,300 kg

Bucket Breakout: 52,875 lbs / 235 kN

Ground Pressure: 9.9 psi / 68 kPa

Dig Depth: 24'

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The all-new sany 385C Excavator!

Meet the All-New Sany SY385C Excavator

The SANY SY385C is a true powerhouse among excavators, boasting a mighty 314hp engine that can tackle even the most challenging of jobs with ease. With its 24' dig depth and almost 53k lbf breakout force, this excavator is capable of handling heavy loads and digging deep into any terrain. Weighing in at an impressive 82,232 kg, the SY385C is built to last and withstand even the toughest conditions.

One of the boldest features of this excavator is its advanced digital controls for speed, working modes, tool selection, pressure, and flow. This allows operators to fine-tune their performance for maximum efficiency and precision on any job. The one or two-way hydraulics provide flexibility when it comes to using and swapping out attachments.

Beneath the metal walls lies an 8.9l Cummins QSL9 engine that delivers smooth and reliable power throughout each workday. And with multiple stick-length options available, this excavator can be customized to your needs.

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Operating Weight (metric tons):


Operating Weight (lbs):



Transport Length (ft/in):

36' 6"

Transport Width (ft/in):

9' 9"
Transport Height (ft/in):

11' 5"

Tail Swing Radius (ft/in):

11' 4"

Tail Swing Type:
Long Undercarriage


Stick Length (ft/in)):
10' 6"

Boom Length (ft/in):

21' 4"

Max Dig Depth (ft/in):

24' 0"

Max Depth of Vertical Wall (ft/in):

24' 0"

Reach at Ground Level (ft/in):

35' 6"

Dump Height (ft/in):

24' 3"

Bucket Digging Force (lbf):


Engine make:


Engine model:


Gross Engine HP:



Pump Flow, implement & swing (gpm):


Max relief valve pressure (psi):


New Sany SY385C on display

Sany SY385C Machine Features

• Engine: 8.9l Cummins QSL9, Tier 4 Final / Stage V

• SANY's new cab design has excellent space, wide visibility, and easy access to controls to maximize operator comfort.

• Enhanced engine/hydraulic management system marries excellent control and high productivity with fuel-efficient performance.

• Standard features include two-way thumb-controlled auxiliary hydraulics, a pattern-control change valve, and a rearview camera.

• Focus on reliability and serviceability ensures convenient access and increased uptime.

Sany SY385C Additional Features

Optimized Engine for SANY

The 8.9l Cummins QSL9 engine uses an advanced design that delivers smooth and consistent power throughout the day, ensuring maximum efficiency on any job site. Its high-pressure common rail fuel system provides precise control over fuel injection and improves the overall performance, reduces emissions, and maintains optimal fuel economy. The durable design can withstand even the toughest conditions on any site.

Powerful Travel Ability

The SY385C sports a 2* axial piston motor with a parking brake, making the travel motor driving force increased to 320 kN. With two travel speed settings, quick selection in the cab, and 35-degree capabilities this machine moves!

Working Mode Selection

Operators have the flexibility to choose from three digital power selection options depending on their specific application needs. The Low, Standard and High power selections are designed to optimize efficiency and fuel consumption in appropriate scenarios, providing operators with a range of choices to best suit their working conditions.

Comfortable Operation

Not only does the roomy and enclosed cab provide a quieter working environment for operators, but it also maintains higher air pressure inside than outside to prevent dust from infiltrating the space. Additionally, the operator station is equipped with an innovative silicone rubber shock absorber that effectively reduces vibrations caused by rough terrain and hydraulic impact. This advanced feature significantly improves the stability of the cab and enhances overall comfort for the operator.

Safety Features

Operators' safety is of utmost importance, and this is reflected in the construction of the machine. Designed for safety with simple entry and exit with features like handrails, toughened glass doors, windows, and transparent overhead hatches to withstand harsh working conditions. Equipped with seat belts, the cab provides a secure environment for operators to work in peace. Additionally, optional screens are available for the front, side, and rear of the cab to provide even greater protection.

Much More Extensive View

Equipped with rearview and right side view cameras along with 7 high-power LED lights ensure the operator has no shortage of sight, day or night.

Easier Monitoring & Maintenance

Equipped with system monitoring and alarms integrated into the 10.4" diagnostic LCD monitor provide superior machine awareness. The ground engine dipstick also offers quick maintenance checks. The inclusion of auxiliary pressure change and a 1-2 way switch directly from the display further enhances the machine's performance capabilities. To ensure that your investment stays in peak condition for the long haul, attachment safety features, and usage warnings are also standard.

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