Sany SY335C LC Excavator

Secure your brand new SANY SY335C excavator with America's best 5-year 5,000 warranty! The all-new SANY SY335C excavators are available for order today! Give us a call to grab yours!



Tier 4f/ Stage V Certified

Rated Power: 280 net hp / 209 kW

Operating Weight: 74,075 lb / 33,600 kg

Bucket Breakout: 45,861 lbs / 204 kN

Dig Depth: 22' 4"

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Meet the All -New SANY SY335C LC Excavator

The SANY lineup aims to keep a steady set of upgraded specs for each of its models and you asked... so they answered! The SANY SY335C LC excavator meets the needs of the customer and sits solidly between its siblings the 265 and 365.

Rolling in with 280 net hp out of a Tier 4/ Stage 5 L9 Cummins engine this beast of a machine packs a powerful punch. With this excavator on your job site, you'll have no shortage of power or comfort. The operator features that come standard in this SANY are unbeaten. Keyless start, Bluetooth 10.4" monitor, heated air-ride seat, and adjustable control panels to name a few. Let's dive deep into this SY335! 22' 4" deep that is... with its extensive dig depth.

Sany SY335C at workSany SY335C at work
New Sany SY335C on displayNew Sany SY335C on display

Sany SY335C Machine Features

• Engine: Cummins QSL9, Stage 5

• SANY cab has excellent space, wide visibility, and easy access to controls to maximize operator comfort.

• Enhanced engine/hydraulic management system marries excellent control and high productivity with fuel-efficient performance.

• Standard features include two-way thumb-controlled auxiliary hydraulics, a pattern-control change valve, and a rearview camera.

• Focus on reliability and serviceability ensures convenient access and increased uptime.

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SANY SY335C Additional Features

Engine Optimized for SANY

The all-new SY335C leverages its Cummins L9 Stage V engine to power its 74k lbs. and push out 280 net hp. Turbo-charged with and charge air cooler, auto-idle, and 70% off-level capabilities keep this engine running strong all day long on any terrain. With service in mind, this engine's 500-hour oil-change intervals ensure this machine works for you, not the service team!

Powerful Travel Ability

The 335 sports a 2* axial piston motor with a parking brake, making the travel motor driving force increase to 245KN. With two travel speed settings with quick selection in the cab and 35-degree capabilities means this machine moves!

Three Working Mode Selections

Digital power and tool selection offer operators a choice depending on the application. Low, Standard, and High power options can improve efficiency and fuel consumption in the right scenarios.

Comfortable Operation

The spacious and sealed cab not only offers noise reduction for the operator but also ensures the air pressure inside is higher than the outside, preventing dust invasion. The innovative silicone rubber shock absorber, equipped in the operator station, minimizes the shock brought by the rough road condition or hydraulic impact, considerably increasing the stability of the cab and improving the comfort of the operator.

Safety Features

Operators' safety is of utmost importance, and this is reflected in the construction of the machine. Designed for safety with simple entry and exit with features like handrails, toughened glass doors, windows, and transparent overhead hatches to withstand harsh working conditions. Equipped with a seat belt and all the bells and whistles this machine creates a quite safe environment for the operators. Optional screens for the front, side, and rear offer additional protection.

Clear View

Equipped with rearview and right-side view cameras along with 8 high-power LED lights ensure the operator has no shortage of sight, day or night.

Easier Monitoring & Maintenance

Equipped with system monitoring and alarms integrated into the 10.4" diagnostic LCD monitor provide superior machine awareness. The ground engine dipstick also offers quick maintenance checks. Attachment safety and usage warning ensure your investment stays in peak performance for the long haul.

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Looking for rental opportunities?

The SY385C will be available for order by the end of 2023!

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Brand new to the American Market, we are proud to announce that SANY America's largest machine to date is coming soon! The SY750H excavator has the power to withstand the demand of your biggest, toughest jobsites and the torque to match!


The SY335 machine is designed to meet the needs of customers with big jobs that require efficiency and productivity at their finest! With its 37-ton operating weight, the SANY SY335C heavy-duty excavator is built to take on any job.