Sany SW405K Wheel Loader

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Tier 4/ Stage 4

Engine: Deutz TCD 7.8

Power: 260 HP / 1800 rpm

Bucket Size: 117 in (2975 mm)

Dump Height: 123"


Sany SW405K Wheel Loaders For Sale

Meet the New Sany SW405K Wheel Loader

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Sany SW405K Tech Specs


Sany SW405K Wheel Loader Features

Watercooled, 4- cycle, turbocharged, aircooled, electronic controlled diesel engine
Load sensing hydraulic system
Single turbo, rotarytype, electronic controlled gear boxes
4-wheel, wet hydraulic brakes

Comfortable Operator Experience

Innovative Large Cab

◆ Provides the operator with a 360 degree field of vision
◆ "Silent ride" engineered cab


Sany SW405K Additional Features

Customized DANA transmission:

The DANA axis-shift transmission with electronic control system is used for automatic shifting, maximum efficiency and 10k-hour service life.
F/R handle and fingertips control realize ease of switch between left and right hands.
Solenoid valve + logic control achieve a much smoother shifting and faster response.

High-pressure load-sensitive hydraulic system:

Perfect match between speed and power, 10%-15% energy saving.
The 25MPa high-pressure hydraulic system and main valve of large displacement achieves higher breakout and lifting force.

Reinforced structural components:

For heavy-duty mining applications with a service life reaching 10k hours.

The precision, reliable, low maintenance circle bearing reduces maintenance costs

Sany SW405K Wheel Loader Parts


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