Sany SMG200 Motor Grader

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Tier 4/ Stage 4

Rated Power: 205 hp / 153 kW

Operating Weight: 37,292 lb / 16 920 kg

Overall Length: 36' 6"

Blade Length: 14'


Sany SMG200 Motor Graders For Sale

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Meet the New Sany SMG200 Motor Grader

The SMG200 has direct drive power shift transmission that delivers smooth, responsive shifting and increased efficiency. The variable power technology matches different power curves according to the working conditions which lowers fuel consumption. The optional intelligent fan cooling system monitors the system's temperature in realtime. A hydraulic motor controls the speed of the fan, resulting in low power consumption and low noise. The load sensing hydraulic system distributes flow to different mechanisms according to actual needs This system responds rapidly and precisely, resulting in superb leveling quality.


Sany SMG200 Tech Specs

Sany SMG200 Motor Grader Features

• Engine: Cummins QSC 8.3
• Engine Power: 205 hp (153 kW) @ 1950 rpm
• Direct-drive powershift transmission delivers smooth, responsive shifting and efficiency.
• Differential system incorporates a hydraulic differential lock, allowing it to be engaged or disengaged during a turn
• CAN-BUS technology offers convenient function extension and system diagnostics

Comfortable Operator Experience

Innovative Large Cab

◆ Provides the operator with a 360 degree field of vision
◆ "Silent ride" engineered cab


Sany SMG200 Additional Features

Powerful Powertrain System

Direct drive power shift transmission delivers smooth, responsive shifting
The US Cummins engine uses variable horsepower technology to match different power curves to varying load conditions

Comfortable Operator Environment

Provides the operator with a 360 degree field of vision
"Silent ride" engineered cab

Precision Hydraulic System

The load sensing hydraulic system provides adequate flow during multiple implement operation.
The rapid, precise response to control input results in exceptional grading quality.
The automatic regulation of pump flow based on load conditions results in increased fuel economy.
In the optional "intelligent fan" cooling system, the fan speed is continuously variable the cooling system operating temperature

Reliable Structure

The precision, reliable, low maintenance circle bearing reduces maintenance costs

Convenient Maintenance

Conveniently located handrails and steps provide easy access to filters, fluids and service items
The centralized lay out of filters are easy for maintenance

Sany SMG200 Motor Grader Parts


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