Watering down your risks: Water truck 101

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Water trucks are an essential part of any job site. Dust/Debris Control, Soil Compaction, Fire Safety - it's not just a safety concern, it's a requirement on many jobsites. Purchasing or renting a water truck to keep on your site off advantages by transporting and disbursing both potable and recycled water can be put to a variety of uses to reduce overall cost and the risks that could set back or even stop your job completely.

But what makes water trucks so critical? For starters, any job that involves excavation raises dust. In a large-scale construction or mining operation, the dust may become unmanageable, making work difficult and posing health threats for workers - eye and lung irritation, asthma, bronchitis, and heart disease - just to name a few. Trucks are the most efficient source of water to suppress the dust being kicked up by such earth-moving activities.

It's no lie that a serious contractor's biggest concern is safety - and making sure OSHA and other industry requirements are met to a tee in order to keep their reputations in tip-top shape providing cost-saving risk reductions in addition to better working conditions. Companies in a variety of sectors such as civil construction, mining, pipe laying, and fire control are realizing the value of having a water truck onsite or readily available.

Usages for water trucks
  • Air Quality
  • Visibility
  • Compaction
  • Fire Safety
  • Crew Hydration
  • Service Road Maintenance
  • Dust Suppression
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Dust/Debris Control

Water trucks are a critical part of dust control on construction sites. Sites often sit barren, without vegetation, causing the top layer of soil to loosen dry and turn into dust or debris. This dust can be a safety hazard as it is harmful to breathe in and can impede visibility of the site as machinery moves around and agitates the ground. Dust can also be created and cause damage to the equipment being used. When used to spray water mixed with binding agents, water trucks can even help reduce the amount of dust created from activities such as soil grading.

Water trucks also play an important role in stabilizing unpaved roads and controlling fugitive dust during transport activities, reducing the environmental impact of construction projects. on-road and off-road water trucks are available, making it easy for them to travel around the jobsite with the crew, and ensure each stage and area is safe, should an unforeseen event happen.

Soil Compaction

Many sites require soil compaction to create a viable surface for structural support. This not only creates a stronger base but will also prevent premature settlement that would be otherwise caused by elemental factors. By applying water at the right rate, pressure, and duration, a water truck operator can compact soil and reduce its permeability, helping ensure that the expected construction grade is achieved without having to resort to costly techniques. The process, which forces out the air in-between soil particles is recommended by wetting the top layer of the soil before using a machine, such as a SANY Vibratory Compactor, to compress the soil together. Due to water absorption differences in a multitude of soil types, this process will differ in both timing and the required amount of water for each job. With an assortment of water trucks ranging from 2000-8000 gallons, you can be sure you will have what you need for the job.

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Fire Safety

Fire hazards are on every job, from the initial clearing crew to machine misuse. While these instances are preventable, it is important to have not only precautions but also contingencies. The remote cannon and multiple locations for spray heads offer safety measures that allow your team to put out fires quickly and prevent unnecessary damage or injuries.

On the Job Recommendations

Water towers can be used in combination with water trucks to provide an even more efficient and cost-effective way of managing dust control and soil compaction. By using the tower together with a truck, contractors can draw from the gravity-fed tank onsite, minimizing tanker refills and enabling them to direct high-pressure water across long distances, eliminating the need for additional personnel or downtime. For units with multiple water trucks on site especially, it is highly recommended to have a Water Tower on site.

All Newman Tractor towers can be easily set up by just one person due to their gas-powered hydraulics. This reduced reliance on external help allows contractors to save time and money while still ensuring safe and efficient operations.

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What to have ready when looking for your next rental or purchase
  • Project Size

If your job site is quite large, the need for multiple trucks may be present.

  • Water needs

How regularly are you expecting to have the truck in use? In cases where it's often, a water tower on hand will be a great advantage.

  • Terrain

On and off-road trucks are available to help with any job site needs.

  • Jobsite Materials

Some job sites contain hazardous materials that require more regular maintenance to keep up safety measures.

Looking for a truck on your next job site?

Here at Newman Tractor, we value being able to meet the wide variety of needs our customers have. Our trained Sales and Rental Representatives can help identify the units that will work best for any type of job site. Pairing expertise with a vast variety of inventory helps make sure that your job will run as smoothly as possible!

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Date: 01.30.2023
Topics: Equipment Tutorials, Construction Management