Unleashing the Power of the SY335C LC Excavator: A Comprehensive Review

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Taking the SY335C LC for a Test Run: What We Learned

New machines hit the market every year. SANY America unveiled 17 completely new models this year alone at ConExpo 2023, and with those machines came significant testing. At Newman Tractor, we feel the only real way to know a machine's ability is to test them to the best of them. That’s why SANY chose us and our customer, Mack Contracting, for this opportunity to demo the prototype. Hand-picked based on the the jobs they had lined up, the team at MackContracting was the perfect choice to put hours, and we mean hundreds of them, on the machine and find its every fault.

When we get the opportunity to demo a new prototype, we think hard on how we can best leverage the opportunity for the machine, our customer, and our OEM partner. If the goal is to really test its abilities and push its strengths, then that means testing it in real-world conditions. We're not throwing it into a demo yard, we're placing it on a job site with the magnitude to put it to work. That’s why we chose Mack Contracting for this machine. With 30 years of operating experience, Craig Blocker put the SY335C LC to the test for over 300 hours and counting! Having operated machinery from all the major brands including CAT, John Deere, and Case, this first-time encounter and review of the SANY brand and SANY is a truly unbiased review.

How did we test the SY335?

The all-new SY335C LC. New to the lineup, new to our customer, and likely…new to you! When you have a machine that is brand spanking new, there’s only one way to truly know how well it performs. Test it! And that’s exactly what we do!

In the heart of Florida, Orlando, the SY335 prototype got to work on-site building up the roadway slopes, excavating ponds, and prepping building pads to set the stage for an upcoming apartment complex. The scope of work wasn’t all that simple, in fact, Mack Contracting had several large projects lined up to keep them and the machine busy for a few months making it the perfect scenario to truly put the machine to the test. Between site development, mass excavation, and utility installation the SY335 hit all the jobsite basics, all three power modes, and more.

  • Comfort
  • Quite CAB
  • Standard A/C
  • 10.4” Touch screen LCD with Bluetooth radio connectivity
  • Stable setup and handling
  • Speed

Standard comforts

The SY335C LC comes with the bells and whistles that the 2023 models offer. Retaining the standard features you love like auxiliary hydraulics, A/C, heat, and Bluetooth with an extra twist. The all-new 10.4” touchscreen LCD offers Bluetooth control, diagnostic screening, and connectivity to be rivaled. Focusing on “Fully Loaded” being the new standard, SANY expects you to want all the basics. Quick coupler plumbing down the stick, a dedicated rotate pump, rearview and side view cameras right down to keyless entry with operator codes are just some of the new features on this machine.

It may not be top of mind for an owner but an operator… they want cupholders! The Sy335 has all the basic conveniences that keep you comfortable all day. Cupholders, air-ride seats, Adjustable armrests, and joysticks are all standard. The cab on this Sy335 is specifically designed with the operator in mind ensuring they have a quiet and comfortable experience for their entire shift.

Inside hatch of Sy335
Close up on battery off switch for SY335
Side shot of the SY335C LC
  • 74,075 lbs Operating Weight
  • 22’ 4” Dig Depth
  • 45,861lbs Bucket Breakout Force
  • 280 Net HP
  • Heavy Duty Long Undercarriage
  • 1 &2-way Primary Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • 2-way Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Dedicated Rotate Pump
  • Blindside and Rearview Cameras
  • Cummins 8.9l Stage V Engine

Put to the test

Think medium in size… But large in ability! The SY335C LC comes equipped with less weight and more agility than its larger counterpart. While there are some applications, you’ll need a Heavyweight excavator for, this machine turns the table in a lot of applications. Especially in scenarios where the water table comes into account, the Sy335 offers a good deal of features that make it perfect for the job. Designed to be quick and light on its tracks the Sy335 with a Long undercarriage moves quicker and with less sinkage than its larger sibling the SY500H according to our operator Craigwhile still being able to support all tasks required. Having tested both machines out, he notes the key difference in this smaller machine’s ability to get the job done in record time.

Despite weighing in at over 70,000 lbs., the SY335C LC's long undercarriage and advanced hydraulic system ensure it can handle heavy workloads with ease. The machine's impressive 45,876 lbf breakout force is a particular standout feature that enabled it to tackle tough terrain with ease. Whether digging through sand or hardpan soil on the Mack Jobsites, the SY335C LC proved to be a reliable workhorse, delivering consistently high performance and productivity.

“The SY335 runs great. This morning when we were dressing up the slopes for the side of the roadways. We’ve done deep excavation for the pond and some building pads. The machine is great. The setup and handling is good. I mean it’s a stable machine, the comfort in the cab is great, the a/c and radio...are pretty quiet inside and it's nice too nice to have that comfort. As an operator, I think most operators would enjoy it. I wouldn’t change a thing.” -Craig Blocker

The SY335C LC is built for versatility and designed to cope with a range of job site needs. Its three working modes enable the operator to adjust the machine's performance to optimize fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. Ran through all three and in most cases in High power mode, the SY335 powered through every task Craig threw at it. In addition, the machine's advanced control system provided an intuitive user interface with its wide range of customizable settings, making it easy to operate and adapt to different tasks.

Bucket shot of the SY335 digging

Is the SY335C LC worth its weight?

After over 300 hours put on the machine by Mack Contracting, there seemed to be no major complaints or wishes for any changes - this speaks volumes to the engineering and forethought for SANY America’s prototype machine. But no machine is flawless - having flagged a glitch in the software during testing, SANY was able to mitigate the issue before the model hit the market. Besides the standard features, Craig noted the machine's excellent performance, stability, and speed. The SY335C LC proved to be a versatile and reliable machine on Mack Contracting’s job sites, with its long undercarriage and three working modes.

It's clear that the SY335C LC is a strong contender in the medium-sized excavator category and worth considering for any job that requires both strength and agility. Want to try it out on yours? Expected to be ready for pre-order and rolling out to jobsites by the fall of 2023, the SY335 will be coming off the lot with all the newest technology, strongest components, and operator conveniences! Contact us today to learn more about how to secure this machine for the fall of 2023!




Brand new to the American Market, we are proud to announce that SANY America's largest machine to date is coming soon! The SY750H excavator has the power to withstand the demand of your biggest, toughest jobsites and the torque to match!


Date: 03.22.2023
Topics: Machine Walkarounds