SY265C LC SANY Excavator Review: Machine Walkaround & Pre-Delivery Inspection

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How can the SANY SY265C Long Reach excavator help improve productivity on your job site?

Long Reach excavators are standard excavators with an extended arm that enables operators to reach those tough-to-get-to places. Whether high, low, far, or otherwise dangerous, job sites with a need for some extra reach can benefit dramatically from a Long Reach excavator.

The SANY Long Reach, the SY265C LC, is a medium excavator utilizing the SY265C model where the tracks, cab, and upper structure is comparable to the standard SY265C. However, on the Long Reach, the boom is over 12’ longer and the stick is over 15’ longer. The SANY SY265C LC excavator has more uses than one might think. With its long arm and hefty counterweight, it has the power and reach you need to help you get to the toughest spots!

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So, what can you use it for?

THE SANY SY265C LC is the prime example of how SANY makes ‘fully loaded’ the new standard. Since the SANY Long Reach comes standard with pre-plumbed auxiliary hydraulics, operators can choose from a wide range of attachments for all sorts of jobs.

When it comes to demolition jobs, the SANY SY265C LC excavator is the machine for you. From demolishing urban structures such as bridges, buildings, and other decrepit structures, the long arm and powerful engine in the 265C LC will enable you to finish the job faster and with an increased level of control. The longer arm enables the operator to have greater distance between the machine and the demo site, which prevents debris from falling on the machine itself, thus increasing the safety of the excavator.

The SANY Long Reach can also be used in drainage ditch clearing, clearing foliage and brush, and digging at deep depths that are otherwise tough to access. When working on steep slopes, this excavator makes brush cutting and foliage clearing a piece of cake!

With selectable working modes, the operator can match the machine performance to the application, increasing efficiency and keeping operating cost at a minimum. From safety to versatility, the SANY SY265C LC has the power and reach to help you dig, hammer, mow, and drill at peak performance!

Example Applications for the SY265C LC:
  • Demolition
  • Brush & Foliage Clearing
  • Mucking Out Ponds
  • Water Conservancy
  • Port Construction
  • Lake Dredging
  • River Restoration
  • Marble and Granite Excavation
  • Engineering
  • Quarrying
  • And More!

Check out the walkaround video to learn how the SY265C LC can be your new best friend on the toughest-to-reach jobs:

Why the SY265C Long Reach?

The SY265C LC is equipped with a 190.4 hp Cummins engine, giving it the power you want and need on a large job site. Its 19,334 lb bucket breakout force enables powerful digging alongside its extra long arm, and its industry-leading 5-year/5000-hour warranty ensures you’ll stay rolling at peak performance! Plus, its spacious cab comes fully equipped with heat, AC, a heated seat, Bluetooth, radio, and straightforward controls, making it every bit as operator-friendly as your standard SANY excavator!

Features of the SY265C LC:
  • Base Machine Engine: Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final
    • Max Power: 190 HP
  • Operating Weight: 69,446 lbs.
  • 60" Ditch Cleaning Bucket
  • Spacious Cab fully equipped with heating, air conditioning, radio, Bluetooth, and more
  • 24' 7" Arm
  • 32' 2" Boom
  • Bucket breakout force of 19,334 lbf
  • Reach of over 54 feet
  • 32" Triple Grouser Steel Tracks
  • Ground Pressure: 6.7 psi
  • 2-Way Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Load Sensing Hydraulics
  • Two Speed Travel
  • Pattern Change Selector Valve - 2 Positions
  • X-Beam Box Section Structure
  • 11' 1" Transport Width
  • Standard 5 Year / 5000 Hour Warranty
  • Sanylive Telematics GPS Monitoring System (3 Year)
Example Attachments for the SY265C LC:
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Bush Hogs
  • Buckets
  • Thumbs
  • Auger Drills
  • Couplers
  • Trenchers
  • Compactors
  • And More
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To learn more about what the SANY SY265C LC excavator has to offer, follow along as Newman Tractor’s very own Nate Pietrosky takes you through a pre-delivery inspection in this machine walkaround video!


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Date: 07.07.2022
Topics: SANY, Machine Walkarounds