SANY SY50U vs. Kubota U55-5 and KX057-5

A SANY SY50u, a Kubota u55-5, and a Kubota kx057-5A SANY SY50u, a Kubota u55-5, and a Kubota kx057-5

Mini-excavators are essential tools in the construction industry. They offer versatility and maneuverability in small spaces. These machines are crucial for tasks ranging from digging and trenching to grading and demolition, making them vital assets for a wide range of construction projects.

In this blog, we’re comparing the SANY SY50U with two Kubota models: the U55-5 and KX057-5. We’ll get into their technical specifications, dimensions, performance, and warranties, helping you decide which excavator is right for your needs.

If you're new to excavators or considering which type suits your project best, check out this guide on excavator brands and manufacturers and learn what size excavator you need. We’ll also provide links to more information about excavators and their uses, including comparisons between new and used machines and how much mini-excavators weigh.

Technical Specifications



The SANY SY50U is a versatile compact excavator designed to handle various construction tasks. The 4-cylinder Yanmar engine provides solid power, supporting the hydraulic system to achieve up to 24.5 MPa of pressure. This helps drive the machine’s functions, including a maximum breakout force of 7,846 lbf for the bucket and 5,081 lbf for the stick, such as utility trenching, foundation digging, landscaping, and site preparation.

With a travel speed ranging from 1.8 to 3.1 mph, the SY50U offers precision and efficiency in navigating job sites. Its rubber track construction ensures consistent ground pressure of 4.6 psi, making it suitable for various terrains while minimizing damage to sensitive surfaces.

Kubota U55-5

Kubota U55-5
Kubota U55-5 | Image Source: Kubota

The Kubota U55-5 is designed for versatility and power, making it suitable for a range of construction projects. Its Kubota V2607 engine provides steady power at 2,200 rpm, and the hydraulic system operates at 24.5 MPa, delivering up to 14.8 gallons per minute. This setup ensures smooth operation of the machine’s functions, including a bucket breakout force of 10,172 lbf and a stick breakout force of 5,463 lbf.

The U55-5 travels at speeds ranging from 1.8 to 2.8 mph, balancing precision and efficiency in movement. The rubber tracks also maintain consistent ground pressure of 4.6-4.9 psi, making it suitable for various terrains.

Kubota KX057-5

kubota kx057-5 digging in the dirt
Kubota KX057-7 | Image Source: Kubota

The Kubota KX057-5 offers a robust engine and hydraulic system, making it a strong competitor in the compact excavator market. The Kubota V2607 engine powers its hydraulic system, allowing for a steady flow of 14.8 gallons per minute. This supports a bucket breakout force of 10,172 lbf and a stick breakout force of 5,463 lbf, making the KX057-5 capable of handling demanding tasks.

The KX057-5’s travel speed ranges from 1.7 to 3.0 mph, and its rubber tracks ensure stable ground pressure between 4.6 and 4.9 psi, helping it navigate various terrains smoothly.



The SANY SY50U offers a balance of compactness and reach, making it ideal for various construction tasks. Its transport length of 17 feet and width of 6’5” make it relatively easy to move between job sites, while its 8’3” track length and 6’6” track length on the ground ensure stable performance during operation.

Kubota U55-5

The Kubota U55-5 provides a longer transport length than the SANY model, allowing for more stability and versatility during operation. Its transport width of 6’5” and track length of 8’2” provide a solid foundation for various construction tasks, while its track length on the ground of 6'6" ensures stable movement and operation.

Kubota KX057-5

The Kubota KX057-5 offers a transport length of 18’1”, providing additional stability for longer operations. Its track length of 8'2", transport width of 6'5", and track length on the ground of 6’6” ensure steady performance across different terrains.

For more on the role of mini excavators and how they fit into various projects, check out this guide on what they’re used for.


Digging Depth

The Kubota models offer greater digging depth than the SANY SY50U, with the KX057-5 providing the deepest digging capacity. This makes the Kubota models particularly suited for projects requiring significant excavation.

Digging Radius

The Kubota models again offer a larger digging radius, allowing for more reach and flexibility on-site. This can be particularly useful in projects requiring broader excavation areas.

Breakout Force

Kubota's models provide significantly higher breakout forces than the SANY SY50U, making them better suited for tougher digging tasks. This can be crucial for projects involving hard or dense materials requiring greater force.



Kubota U55-5/KX057-5

The SANY SY50U offers a significantly longer warranty than the Kubota models, covering 5,000 hours or five years. This can provide greater peace of mind for buyers, ensuring support for a longer duration and more operating hours.

Kubota’s models, the U55-5 and KX057-5, come with a 2,000-hour/2-year warranty, sufficient for many users but may require additional consideration for long-term projects.

Comparing Models

SpecificationSANY SY50UKubota U55-5Kubota KX057-5
Weight11,684 lbs (5,300 kg)12,257 lbs (5,568 kg)12,432 lbs (5,650 kg)
EngineYanmar 4TNV88C, 39.1 kW @ 2,200 rpmKubota V2607, 35.5 kW @ 2,200 rpmKubota V2607, 35.5 kW @ 2,200 rpm
Hydraulic Pump Capacity29.1 GPM24.5 MPa (14.8 GPM)24.5 MPa (14.8 GPM
Max Breakout Force (Bucket)7,846 lbf10,172 lbf10,172 lbf
Max Breakout Force (Stick)5,081 lbf5,463 lbf5,463 lbf
Travel Speed1.8-3.1 mph (2.8-5.0 km/h)1.8-2.8 mph1.7-3.0 mph
Ground Pressure4.6 psi (rubber track)4.6-4.9 psi (rubber)4.6-4.9 psi (rubber)4.6-4.9 psi (rubber)
Transport Length17' (5,250 mm)17’12” (5,475 mm)18’1” (5,520 mm)
Transport Width6’5” (1,960 mm)6'5" (1,960 mm)6'5" (1,960 mm)
Track Length8’3” (2,510 mm)8’2” (2,500 mm)8'2" (2,500 mm)
Track Length on Ground6’6” (1,990 mm)6’6” (1,990 mm)6’6” (1,990 mm)
Track Width16” (400 mm)16” (400 mm)16” (400 mm)
Digging Depth11’3” (3,420 mm)11’11” (3,635 mm)12’9” (3,885 mm)
Digging Radius18’9” (5,715 mm)20’0” (6,100 mm)20’7” (6,270 mm)
Warranty5,000 hours/5-year2,000 hours/2-year2,000 hours/2-year


SANY SY50 spec sheet

Kubota U55-5 spec sheet

Kubota KX057-5 spec sheet

A Fair Review

We’ll always be on team SANY, but sometimes it’s just not the right fit.

Choosing the right mini-excavator comes down to what you need it for and what you’re comfortable with. Our best advice is to go and see some machines in person–you’re bound to get a feel for what you want. Each model is good for different kinds of jobs, so knowing what you need will help you pick the best mini-excavator to get your work done effectively.

Date: 07.05.2024