SANY SY155U Compact Excavator: Machine Walkaround

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How can the SANY SY155U excavator help improve productivity on your job site?

Here at Newman Tractor, we understand the importance of finding a machine that is powerful enough to meet the needs of your job sites and reliable to withstand the test of time alongside you. That’s why when it comes to finding the right excavator to add to your fleet, we want to be sure you have all the information you need to dig into in order to get rolling.

Whether you’re doing land clearing, demolition work, road, utility, or pipeline contracting, you need a machine that’s fit to help you get the job done. With its unique standard features and capabilities, the SY155U compact excavator will help you get to the finish line faster!

Check out the walkaround video to learn how the SY155U can be your new best friend on the job:


  • Have a job with a need for surface protection?
    • The SY155U track pads are pre-drilled for bolt-on rubber pads so you don’t need any additional service when you’re ready to take on the road!
  • Looking for a machine that will keep your rear end out of traffic in road work and utility jobs?
    • The SY155U has a class-leading reduced tail-swing radius that enables you to get as close to the road as you need while keeping your rear end out of traffic!
  • Trying to stay steady for pipelaying?
    • With 23,155lbs of breakout force and a smooth arm to go with it, the SY155U is strong enough to dig in tough materials and steady enough to lay pipe!
  • Need the right machine for land clearing and demo work?
    • The SY155U has a 105 HP Isuzu engine. Coupled with the dozer blade that comes standard, this machine has the power you need for busting up rock and clearing land!
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Applications for the SY155U

  • Demolition work
  • Pipe contractors
  • Road contractors
  • Land clearing
  • Plumbing companies
  • Utility contractors
  • Sewer replacement
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Features of the SY155U:

  • Easy to transport with a transport width of 102”
  • Class leading reduced tail swing radius
  • 23,155 lbs of breakout force
  • 105 HP Isuzu Engine
  • Kawasaki main valve, pump, and swing motor
  • Heavy Duty Dozer blade
  • Continuous flow hydraulics
  • X1 and X3 auxiliary hydraulics
  • Main and secondary aux circuits
  • Hydraulics - Positive Flow Control with Pilot Control
  • Segmented track guards to keep track in place and reduce wear
  • Pre-drilled track pads for bolt-on rubber pads
  • Standard pre-plumbed auxiliary lines to run a hydraulic quick coupler
  • Heat and AC, Radio, Heated seat
  • 5 year, 5,000 hour warranty
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Learn more about what the SANY SY155U excavator has to offer as Newman Tractor’s very own Nate Pietrosky takes you on a tour in this machine walkaround video!


Want to give SANY a try? Schedule a demo with us and get your butt in the seat!

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Date: 05.19.2022
Topics: SANY, Machine Walkarounds