Introducing the Sany Dual Drum Rollers: STR30 and STR40

SANY dual roller with text reading: Introducing the STR30 and STR40SANY dual roller with text reading: Introducing the STR30 and STR40

We're excited to announce the expansion of the SANY equipment lineup by introducing SANY dual drum rollers. Essential in the construction world for compacting and flattening surfaces, these machines are a cornerstone of many projects. SANY is adding two versatile models, the STR30 and STR40, each uniquely equipped to tackle different challenges.

Let's look at what these dual drum rollers offer.

Overview of SANY's New Dual Drum Rollers

SANY is broadening its horizons by introducing two innovative dual drum rollers: the STR30 and STR40. Each model showcases SANY's commitment to technological advancement and versatility in heavy equipment.

Introducing these models represents a significant expansion of SANY's product range, catering to more construction needs. By offering a diverse lineup, SANY proves its dedication to meeting the changing demands of the construction industry, making sure that every project, regardless of size or complexity, has the right equipment for optimal results.

And we're happy to say that both machines will have the 3-year/3,000-hour SANY warranty.

SANY's Established Single-Drum Rollers

Their SSR80 and SSR120HT models have set the standard for reliability and efficiency in soil compaction. Let's look at the features that have made the current SANY rollers the go-to choice for many professionals and how they pave the way for the new dual drum rollers.

SSR80 Specs

SSR120HT Specs

Detailed Review of Each Model


SANY STR30 dual roller
Image Source: SANY America

The SANY STR30 dual drum roller, with its 43 hp engine and compact size, is ideal for small- to medium-sized compaction tasks. It's particularly suited for jobs that require maneuverability and precision, such as compacting subbases for roads, parking lots, and residential developments. Its vibratory system, with selectable frequencies, provides versatility to work on different materials and layers with thorough compaction by its dual drums. The STR30's design allows for operation in tighter areas where larger rollers may not fit, making it a flexible option for urban or restricted spaces.

STR30 Specs

Engine and Power
Performance and Capabilities


SANY STR40 dual roller
Image Source: SANY America

The STR40 dual drum roller's combination of size, power, and functionality makes it well-suited for compacting a variety of surfaces in both urban and rural settings. With its 43 hp engine and an operating weight of 8,179 lbs, it is ideal for projects that require a heavier touch, such as compacting sub-base and base layers for roadways, parking lots, and residential areas.

Its drum width of 54.13 inches allows for efficient coverage of larger areas, while its compact design provides excellent maneuverability around obstacles and tight spaces. The STR40's ability to work on gradients and its auto vibration system further ensure high-quality compaction results on slopes and uneven terrain.

STR40 Specs

Engine and Power
Performance and Capabilities

What do these new rollers bring to the table?

Expanding SANY’s Reach into Paving and Asphalt Industries

Launching SANY's STR30 and STR40 dual drum rollers marks the company's strategic expansion into the American paving and asphalt sectors.

These industries demand precision and efficiency, where creating a smooth surface is desirable and critical. Dual drum rollers are the cornerstone of any high-quality paving project, as they offer consistent compaction and a uniformly smooth finish.

Unlike single drum rollers, which are versatile for general construction and compaction tasks, dual drum rollers are specifically designed for finishing surfaces. Single drum rollers are the workhorses when compacting soil or subbase materials; however, they fall short in achieving the flawless finish required for asphalt laying. The pneumatic tires of a single drum roller can leave impressions on the asphalt layer, potentially compromising the smoothness and integrity of the surface.

Dual vs. Single Drum Rollers: A Comparative Insight

Dual drum rollers, such as the STR30 and STR40, provide seamless compaction with their twin drums ensuring no gaps or unevenness on the surface. The result is a perfectly compacted layer ready to apply the final road surface. This ability is particularly advantageous for projects where the smoothness of the road directly impacts safety and driving comfort, such as highways, runways, and urban roads.

On the other hand, single drum rollers, combined with a drum in the front and pneumatic tires at the rear, are used for their initial compaction capabilities, especially on uneven terrain. They excel in projects requiring serious material compaction before a smooth finish is applied, such as foundational work for buildings and road embankments.

Understanding the unique capabilities of both roller types is necessary for project managers. While single drum rollers lay the groundwork, dual drum rollers complete the job, ensuring a smooth, high-quality finish. For the asphalt industry, the STR30 and STR40 promise to deliver the excellence in final surface preparation that SANY is known for.

As SANY continues to break new ground in the American market, we look forward to seeing dual drum rollers in the wild, helping pave our rods.

Looking Forward to the Rollout

"The rollout of SANY's dual drum roller is going to answer the needs for a lot of customers in both paving and adjacent spaces. It's not just the big guys. The offering of a more compact size means those in residential, landscaping and utility work can bridge the gaps in their offerings without the need to rent machines or resort to buying models outside of the SANY warranty they have come to know and expect in their fleets."

- Nicole Rinderle, Design and Growth Marketing Strategist

Comparing Rollers

SpecificationSSR80SSR120HT STR30 STR40
Net Horsepower74 hp160 hp43 hp43 hp
Operating Weight15,752 lbs26,103 lbs6,878 lbs 8,179 lbs
Vibration Frequency29.5/35.5 Hz 32/36 Hz 55/67 Hz55/67 Hz
Engine Model Yanmar 4TNV98CT-YSV Cummins QSB4.5 Yanmar 3TNV88C-SDT Yanmar 3TNV88C-BSTR
Overall Length 16' 11"18' 10"8' 4"8' 4"
Overall Width 6' (1,830 mm) 7' 4" (2,240 mm) 4’ 4” (1,312 mm)4’ 11” (1,485 mm)
Wheelbase 8' 9" (2,675 mm) 9' 11" (3,023 mm) 5' 7" (1,700 mm) 5' 7" (1,700 mm)
Overall Height 10' 3" (3,125 mm) with Padfoot 11' 5" (3,490 mm) with Padfoot 8' 6" (2,585 mm) 8' 6" (2,585 mm)
Drum Width 66" (1,676 mm) 84" (2,130 mm) 47" (1,200 mm) 54.13" (1,375 mm)

Date: 04.24.2024
Topics: SANY