MB50 FINN Material Blower: How to Operate a Mulch Blower for Commercial Landscaping


Applying mulch or bark by hand is a time-consuming process and often leads to uneven distribution. A material blower can make quick work of mulch or bark installation with less labor and provide consistency of spread.

Material blowers produce high-quality results for landscaping projects, erosion control, and construction-related job sites. They can be used for mulch installation, soil installation, interiorscape material application, and sediment control. These versatile machines make quick work of jobs, allowing your team to do more in less time.

The MB50 FINN Material Blower will help expand landscape divisions through the numerous applications, listed below:

  • Bark / Mulch
  • Soil / Compost
  • Lawn and Sports Field Overseeding
  • Interiorscape Material Application
  • Sediment Control Filter Sock
  • Erosion Control Blankets
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Features and Benefits of the Machine:

The MB50 material blower features a 65 hp Cummins diesel engine that is directly coupled to a low blower. This allows the blower to spread at a rate of 725 cfm at 12 psi to help spread material consistently across many applications.

  • Rotary Airlock
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Dust Suppression
  • Air Pump
  • Electric Tarp
  • Hydraulic Rewind
  • Optional Seed Injector
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In this video...

In this MB50 FINN Material Blower training tutorial, FINN Corp’s John Tucker guides us through the ins and outs of operating an MB50 Material Blower. Covering everything from the radio remote control and basic functionality to the hydraulic rewind. John explains why this specific model material blower stands out from the competition and helps operators improve efficiencies on the jobsite.

From landscaping contractors to construction companies, MB50 material blowers can handle many types of materials to support all your jobsite needs.

Interested in covering more ground and saving money in the process? Get your job done faster by giving Newman Tractor a call today to set up your rental reservation or to purchase your material blower today!

Date: 02.24.2022
Topics: Equipment Tutorials