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Looking for an off-road adventure that caters to every level from beginners to advanced and supports a charitable cause? Then we have the course for you!

Year after year, the Clear Springs Ranch in Polk County, Florida, opens its gates to over 2,000 Jeeps for a three-day family-friendly Jeep festival that offers everything from obstacle courses to trail rides, camping to shopping, kid courses, awards, and more. To top it off, all proceeds benefit Polk Sheriff’s Charities, Inc.

This event offers a wide variety of off-roading spread over 7,000 acres with 7 different courses of rock crawling trails to accommodate everyone from the most sophisticated rock buggies to simple 4x4s, there’s surely something for everyone!

Created from old construction parts and earth-moving machines, the trails at Jeepin’ with Judd offer a variety of Jeep trails throughout the ranch that provide great viewing points for spectators to watch the activity. Newman Tractor is proud to be a part of the earth moving team that provides the heavy equipment to help build the Jeep courses every year.

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This event continues to break records and draw a large crowd of rock crawlers, mudders and trail riders alike! Off-roaders race, drive and bounce their buggies and modified Jeeps over boulders, across barely passable trails, and through water in the name of good fun.

The excitement doesn't stop all weekend as Jeepin’ with Judd provides driving experiences and fans bring their own off-road vehicles to traverse the trails throughout the awesome location.

No matter how you play in the dirt (trail riding, rock crawling, off-road racing or sand dragging), Jeepin’ with Judd will have something for you!

We’ll see you in 2023!

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In this video, follow along as we explore the entire Jeepin’ with Judd course and jump into action with our dirt moving /Jeep-saving team to rescue any Jeep in trouble with our SANY SY265C!


Date: 03.04.2022
Topics: News, Events