Jeepin with Judd 2023: Building the Ultimate Jeep Obstacle Course with SANY SY265C Excavator

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Every final weekend in February, the city of Bartow, Florida is overrun with Jeep enthusiasts from across the country. Coming together for the three-day family-friendly festival and charity event, 2,300 Jeeps come crawling in for Jeepin’ With Judd. The event offers obstacle courses and trail rides at Clear Springs Ranch, with all the proceeds going to the Polk Sherrif Charities.

To put on such a monstrous event, though, it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work. From August to February, the Orlando Jeep Club and Polk County Sherrif’s office discuss logistics, new tactics and features of the event, and how this year’s will be even better than the last! And in the new year, the team gets to the real work – moving dirt!

Over a two-month period leading up to the event, Doug Tanner and his team of operators use heavy equipment to refinish the trails and bolster their obstacle courses. The SANY SY265C excavator is the critical piece of machinery needed to construct the obstacles that make Jeepin’ With Judd one of the most exciting off-road events in Florida.

But why choose SANY over other heavy equipment brands like Komatsu, Caterpillar or John Deere to build such a course? Doug Tanner explains that the SANY is his top choice for operating ease, machine power, and fuel consumption that lets him hit the course hard all day long. At Jeepin’ With Judd, the SANY excavator’s role is two-part. First, the team relies on it to reset the obstacle courses. But it also plays a pivotal role in the event – because when a Jeep gets stuck or breaks down on the track, it’s up to the SY265C to save the day.


Building the course:

The SANY SY265 excavator is designed to provide top-notch power and performance:

  • The SY265C excavator is the most efficient mid-sized excavator in SANY’s fleet.
  • At a solid 59,525lbs, this machine brings the power needed to get the job done, whether it’s loading trucks, digging dirt, demolishing buildings, clearing land…or building a jeep course!
  • Its 194.4 hp Cummins engine enables serious power, and its smooth hydraulics make it a reliable machine for operators.
  • But it's not just about power - the SY265 also boasts an impressive digging depth of 22’, making it a versatile machine for a wide variety of projects.
  • And with optimized fuel efficiency, operators on the Jeepin’ With Judd course can trust that they’ll be set to hit the course hard all day, no problem.

At the event:

So what happens when a Jeep gets stuck? That's where the SANY SY265 excavator really shines. The advanced courses at Jeepin’ With Judd are no joke! Curated for modified Jeeps and rock crawlers, these obstacles pose a serious challenge to drivers. And when a Jeep gets stuck and just can’t make it up, it’s time to be saved by a SANY!

Thus, not only is the SANY SY265 excavator essential to making Jeepin' With Judd possible, but it also adds to the excitement of the event. Spectators can watch in awe as this powerful machine rescues stuck Jeeps.

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So next year if you're planning on attending Jeepin' With Judd, keep an eye out for the SANY SY265 excavator in action. And if you're a Jeep owner, rest assured that this machine is there to ensure your safety while still providing an unforgettable experience!

If you are looking to find an excavator that will fit your needs – big or small – contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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In this behind-the-scenes video, you'll learn what the SANY SY265C excavator can do to dig dirt, move rock, transport cylinders, and so much more to make this course brand new for the Jeepers at this year's event! Join us as we take a closer look at how Doug Tanner, founder of Jeepin’ With Judd, uses the Newman Tractor SANY SY265C excavator to create the most challenging and exciting course yet! We'll also showcase some of the exciting off-road trails and challenging obstacles that make Jeepin’ With Judd one of the most thrilling Jeep events in Florida!


Date: 03.02.2023
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