Heavyweights of Excavation: Comparing the SANY SY750H and Cat 374

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Introducing the all-new SANY SY750H! A beast ready to stand up to the task, every day. The SANY lineup has previously expanded from 2k to 120k lb machines ready to work hard for you, but what about the big jobs? No, the MASSIVE jobs? You asked and SANY answered. Weighing in at over 173k lbs and ready to rival the competition, the SY750H is on the market and ready to roll to a job site near you soon in 2023!

What exactly is there to compete with a 173,000lb excavator?

Not all too much! There are hundreds of construction equipment companies on the market, brands in the double digits for excavators, and yet… you can count on one hand who plays with the big machines. Brands you recognize, like John Deere, Komatsu, Cat, and a few more have been the long-ranking standard for heavy machinery weighing into the large class size but times change and so do the machines. Keeping up with the ever-changing market SANY is redefining what “Standard” means in heavy equipment. Features, value, and efficiency all stand to raise the competition and give customers the advantage they are asking for.

What is a nearly 200k lb excavator good for anyway?

We're glad you asked! Machines of this magnitude aren’t exactly agile, we're not going to tell you about how it can get in tight spaces or how quick rabbit mode really is. We’re going to tell you how it digs! How much it moves and how it can transform your job site in relation to time and efficiency.

The SY750 and next-gen Cat 374 are workhorses in their fields, and both offer a variety of job site applications. Large utility work including moving trench boxes is nothing for these machines. Deep excavation like quarry and mining applications are standard practice. The counterweight and expanding tracks offer stability when moving the “un-movable”.

When it comes to heavy-duty excavators, one of the most popular models on the market is the CAT 374 which is exactly why we set our sights on it for comparison. Both the 374 and SY750 are known for their power, efficiency, and versatility, but which one is the better choice for your business? Let's take a closer look at each machine.

The SY750H

The SANY SY750H is the largest excavator in SANY Americas lineup, with an operating weight of 173,063 lbs. Equipped with a Cummins X15 engine delivering exceptional 524 net power and dual swing motors with a dedicated swing pump to provide exceptional torque and job site efficiency. Work longer and stronger with this beast in your fleet. Featuring advanced hydraulic systems that provide precise control and expandable tracks to give you the flexibility to work in any situation or terrain.

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Newman Tractor Image
Newman Tractor Image

Its spacious cab is designed with operator comfort in mind with features like air conditioning, adjustable seat, and ergonomic controls. When you're working jobs the size that this machine calls for, the operator's experience should always be top of mind. From the seat, you sit in to the lunch you eat, the SY750 has it all for its operators. The hot/cold food storage offers you peace of mind knowing you have refreshments and food at the ready, no matter where you're digging. Its deluxe air suspension and heated cloth seat with adjustable settings give operators a bit of ease in the everyday.

Technological features give owners and operators more control over their machines through digital power selections, tool selections, and machine monitoring on the 10.4" screen. Never worry about your machines or operators’ downtime with integrated switches throughout the cabin like auxiliary hydraulic controls, power boost, and 2-speed travel selection. Coupled with SANYs standard leading 5-year 5000-hour warranty the 750H provides superior performance and reliability without any additional costs.

Standard Features on the SY750H:
  • System Monitoring with Alarms
  • Mass Excavation Stick
  • Power-Boost Button
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Control Switch in the Cab
  • Heat/Cold Food Storage
  • Digital Power Modes (3)
  • Lighting Package (7)
  • 4 Cameras
  • Auxiliary Circuit
  • Quick Couple Plumbed
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Featuring the Dielco Lot Roadrunner for Size Comparison


The CAT374 is the second largest excavator in their lineup weighing in at 158,200 lbs and a whopping 484 net hp and has been a long-standing contender in its class. With an operating weight of nearly 15k lbs less, it is smaller than the SANY SY750H but still packs a massive punch! It's powered by a CAT C15 engine that delivers exceptional power and fuel efficiency.

Featuring hydraulic systems that provide control over all functions alongside deluxe or premium cab options offer operators control and comfort in a nice package. The Cat 374 comes with the extended warranty package (EPP) that raises its standard 1-year 2000-hour warranty to a 2-year 4000-hour plan. In addition to the 374’s standard features, customers also have the option to customize their warranty package with purchasable add-on coverages. This means you only pay for what you need.

The CAT 374 isn't well known for no reason. Its three working modes and auxiliary hydraulic options ensure your machine maximizes its efficiency regardless of what job you are on. When you are looking for that extra boost of power, you can find it in their enhanced heavy lift mode, upping the pressure to give you that extra oomph when you need it most!

Optional Features of the CAT 374:
  • CAT Command Remote Control
  • Integrated Health Management System
  • Single Antenna Global Navigation System
  • Auxiliary Relay
  • Cat Stick Steer
  • Laser Catcher
  • Lighting Package
  • Auxiliary Circuit
  • Quick Coupler Circuit
  • Smart Boom
  • 360 Visibilities

Which takes the win?

Both machines offer some bold power, efficiency, and operator comforts like push button and key code start, air conditioning, and ergonomic cabs. Depending on your job site needs, they each serve up some hefty advantages worth considering.

One aspect of the SANY SY750H is its intelligent monitoring system which provides real-time diagnostics and maintenance alerts. The multiple working modes allow it to perform optimally regardless of job site conditions. SANY also offers the Leica Geosystem- an add-on to give operators the controls they desire. On the other hand, if you're looking for advanced technology to come standard like Cat Grade Control or real-time diagnostics through Caterpillar Product Link - then the CAT 374 might be your choice. Its extended and synced service intervals coupled with its SOS ports and monitoring make serviceability simple.

In the end, both machines offer a variety of features worth making the purchase that best fits your needs. It's also important to weigh factors such as price point and inventory before making your final decision. If you're interested in learning more about the new 750H or your options tune in for this week's CONEXPO debut or give us a call to see what it's all about!


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Date: 03.14.2023
Topics: Machine Comparisons