Bell Fleetm@tic: The Cutting-Edge System


Bell Fleetm@tic: The Cutting-Edge System

“Built smarter, to work harder.” Bell has developed the cutting-edge fleet management system, Fleetm@tic. Carefully designed and accurately collecting data, Fleetm@tic enables customers to monitor their fleet with pole-to-pole satellite coverage. With Fleetm@tic’s user-friendly technology, data collection and analysis becomes simple.

Detailed Information at Your Fingertips

Fleetm@tic assists you in operations by provided data to keep projects on schedule, maintain machine health, and reduce the cost of running machines.

Both machine and shift can be monitored.

The “Driver ID” feature will ensure that your staff take responsibility for the machine during their shift.

Driver ID identifies each operator by their start-up code.

A Shift Summary Report is calculated.

Fleetm@tic also provides many other features. Among some:

Fleetm@tic offers different fleet packages.

How Fleetm@tic Works

Fleetm@tic keeps you in touch with your equipment 24/7.

Position and data are transmitted by the Fleetm@tic GPS Data Transmitter/Receiver Unit.

Orbiting GPS Satellites calculate the position of the machine.

The On-board Memory Module stores machine position, production, and data.

The data is transmitted to Bell Fleetm@tic servers though the service provider’s base station where it is processed into automated reports.

You are issued a confidential identification and password to access the fleet information from rhe secure Fleetm@tic website.

The information can be accessed anywhere you can access internet: from the office, from home, or while traveling.

Fleetm@tic assists in saving time and money by providing detailed reports and accurate information to operate efficiently and productively.

Date: 10.29.2020
Topics: News