FAQs For First Time SANY Buyers: Top 15 Questions From New Customers

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When new excavator buyers come to Newman Tractor, most have similar questions. How much does a SANY mini excavator cost? What are the financing rates and terms for buying a SANY? How can I buy my first mini excavator? While the specifics of these questions vary from customer to customer, the general responses are fairly similar. That’s why we’ve worked to consolidate those frequently asked questions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience as you explore the possibility of owning a SANY excavator.

In this comprehensive blog, you’ll find answers to all the commonly asked questions about SANY excavators and SANY mini excavators.

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Top 20 Questions about SANY Excavators

Financing & Pricing Questions

  • What are the financing rates and terms for buying a SANY machine?
    • With a solid credit history and years of business experience, you can expect to receive competitive financing rates commonly referred to as the "street rate." Currently, the rates hover around 7-8% on average. However, please note that rates can vary based on individual circumstances.
    • Financing a SANY depends on several factors:
      • Business, Farm, Startup, Personal: Whether you plan to finance personally or through a business will change your financing rates and terms. At Newman Tractor, we can help in financing businesses, farms, and start-up companies with a registered LLC. If you plan to finance personally, though, we suggest going through your bank as you’ll likely get the best personal loan rates through your local bank.
      • Number of years in business: The number of years in business usually also comes into play when financing your equipment. Typically, the longer you’ve been in business, the better rates you’re going to be able to get. Businesses that are 2-3 years or older are no longer considered to hold a start-up status.
      • Downpayment amount: A larger downpayment can positively impact the terms of your financing by reducing the loan amount and potentially securing more favorable rates. Our finance manager can work with you to find a suitable downpayment arrangement that aligns with your financial situation.
  • How long does it take to process credit applications with Newman Tractor?
    • The time required to process credit applications varies depending on the complexity and creditworthiness of the loan. While credit applications with strong credit can be turned around in as little as three hours, more challenging loans may take up to three days to review thoroughly. Rest assured, we are committed to expediting the process while ensuring a thorough assessment of your credit application.
  • Can I get a better rate on my new SANY machine if I pay in cash?
    • Paying in cash for a SANY excavator at Newman Tractor eliminates the need for financing and interest charges. It may also streamline the buying process by eliminating the need for credit application checks and financing arrangements.
    • To explore the specific benefits and considerations of paying in cash for a SANY excavator at Newman Tractor, reach out to our sales team today and we will assist you in finding the most favorable purchase arrangement based on your unique circumstances.
  • I have a farm, can I get a farm tax exemption when I buy my SANY?
    • The availability and specifics of farm tax exemptions vary depending on the jurisdiction and applicable laws when purchasing heavy equipment. We advise customers to consult with a tax professional or accountant familiar with your local tax regulations to determine the eligibility and requirements for obtaining a farm tax exemption.
    • To explore the possibility of obtaining a farm tax exemption when purchasing a SANY excavator from Newman Tractor, we recommend contacting our sales team to guide you through the process and help you understand the specific eligibility criteria and documentation needed to take advantage of any available tax exemptions for your farm operation.
  • I’m a rental house; can I use a resale certificate so I don’t have to pay sales tax?
    • If you are a rental house, you may be eligible to use a resale certificate to exempt yourself from paying sales tax when purchasing a SANY excavator from Newman Tractor. A resale certificate allows you to buy goods for resale without incurring sales tax since the tax is collected when the item is rented or sold to your customers.
    • The specific requirements and procedures for obtaining and using a resale certificate vary depending on the jurisdiction in which you operate. Generally, you will need to provide a valid resale certificate to Newman Tractor when making the purchase, indicating that you are buying the equipment for the purpose of renting it out to customers.
    • It is important to consult with a tax professional or review the regulations of your specific location to ensure compliance with local tax laws and to understand the process of obtaining and using a resale certificate.
  • What is the process for buying heavy equipment at Newman Tractor?
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Warranty Questions

  • How many years is the SANY Warranty?
    • SANY excavators and wheel loaders have five years or 5,000 operating hours. And three years or 3,000 operating hours for telehandlers, motor graders, and compactors. To learn more about the SANY Warranty, check out our blog.
  • What is covered under the SANY Warranty?
    • The warranty specifically covers defects during regular use of the SANY product within the specified coverage and is for new and unused SANY products. The warranty only applies if the SANY product has been adequately maintained and operated under regular use and service. This means following SANY's specifications and recommendations in your SANY Operator Manual. To learn more about the SANY Warranty, check out our blog.
  • What service is needed to Maintain Warranty?
    • Oil changes, oil sample submission, filter changing, and regular maintenance requirements will ensure you are up to date on your warranty maintenance.
    • For more information on maintaining your warranty, please refer to your owner’s manual. You can also read information on the warranty by visiting our blog.
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SANY General Questions

  • Where are SANY machines made?
  • Globally, SANY is the #4 heavy equipment OEM in the world and has manufacturing facilities located in various parts of the world, including China, the United States, Germany, India, Brazil, and other countries. These facilities produce a wide range of heavy machinery and equipment, including excavators, cranes, concrete machinery, road machinery, port equipment, material handling equipment and more.
  • In the United States, SANY America is headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia.
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Parts & Service Questions

  • Are SANY parts easily accessible?
    • Yes, at Newman Tractor, we keep parts stocked in-house at our 5 different locations. Any parts that we do not keep in stock can be shipped to us from the SANY America headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia in a matter of days.
  • How is the SANY parts and service at Newman Tractor?
    • At Newman Tractor, we have a full parts and service department that provides quality support for our customers.
    • Our parts department houses many parts needed to service machines for customers as quickly as possible. Each of our locations keeps parts readily available for servicing equipment, and our SANY parts inventory is consistently updated to ensure our team is prepared for maintenance and repair work. If there is ever a case where we do not have a specific part in-house, we can order a SANY part from the SANY America headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia, and have access to it within the next couple of days.
    • Our team of skilled technicians specializes in heavy equipment maintenance and repair work, engine servicing, hydraulic maintenance, painting, sandblasting, and more. Each of our 5 locations is outfitted with a full-service shop and service department to best serve the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and certified to work with the top brands in the industry.
  • Does Newman Tractor have road technicians?
    • Yes, all of our shops have access to our field techs who hit the road every day to provide service to our customers. Our road technicians are renowned for their exceptional expertise and dedication in the field. With extensive knowledge and experience, they are well-equipped to handle a wide range of road machinery and equipment, whether it's diagnosing complex issues, conducting repairs, or providing routine maintenance. They are adept at identifying problems quickly and implementing effective solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Additionally, their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their prompt and efficient service, going above and beyond to meet the needs of clients. To get in touch with our service team at the location nearest to you, check out our Service Page.
  • What’s the Resale Value of SANY machines?
    • The resale value of SANY machines can vary depending on several factors such as the model, age, condition, usage, market demand, and economic conditions. However, SANY machines are known for their durability, reliability, and advanced technology, so when well-maintained and properly serviced, they can retain a significant portion of their original value over time. The heavy equipment market is dynamic, with factors like new technology and market trends constantly affecting resale values.
    • To get a better estimate for your specific machinery, consider consulting with an appraiser and researching current market trends within the industry. To get a more accurate estimate of the resale value for a specific SANY machine, it is advisable to consult with equipment appraisers, and dealers, or conduct market research to assess comparable sales in the industry.
    • To read more about the lifetime value of a SANY machine, check out our blog here.
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Attachment Questions

  • What kind of excavator attachments does Newman Tractor have for SANY mini-excavators?
    • Below is a table that showcases all the available attachments and their respective fits to machine models. To learn more about our available attachments, check out our attachments page!
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