Excavator Brands: A Guide to Top Companies and Manufacturers

Excavators lined upExcavators lined up

Excavators are the titans of the job site. But with a market bustling with options, selecting the right manufacturer can be as intricate as the machinery. From the elegant precision of mini excavators to the robust power of their larger counterparts, each brand brings its strengths to the table. In this guide, we dig into the world's leading excavator manufacturers, unearthing what sets them apart and helping you navigate the crowded landscape to find the perfect match for your construction needs.

We’re focusing specifically on excavators sold to American markets.

Before we get started, we need you to know that manufacturers don’t make it easy to find this information. Many manufacture various parts around the world and then assemble them in one place, so determining the origin of manufacturing becomes fuzzy.

Likewise, the year they started isn’t always clear. Many companies started manufacturing one thing, stepped their toe into heavy machinery, and now are known for excavators. So, when they started as a company might not be relevant to making excavators.

Now that we got those disclaimers out of the way let’s get started.

Top Companies Manufacturing Excavators

Each brand brings a legacy of innovation, reliability, and expertise. Here's a closer look at the leading excavator brands that have carved out significant niches in the industry with their quality and performance, shaping the landscape of today's construction sites.

John Deere
New Holland
Wacker Neuson

So, let’s review each manufacturer and discuss their history, legacy, and warranty information. Please keep in mind that this info was valid when we wrote this blog.


white bobcat excavator
Bobcat e145 excavator. Image source: bobcat.com

Born and bred in the heartland of West Fargo, North Dakota, Bobcat has grown from a local trailblazer to a global powerhouse with facilities and offices stretching from Gwinner, Bismarck, and beyond the American borders to Bundang, Dōbríš, and further.

Bobcat is owned by Doosan, a Korean company now, but they’re still their own brand.

“Bobcat manufactures their equipment worldwide, including in US and North American facilities. Most Bobcat machines are assembled in the US, but use both domestic and global materials.”

Year founded: 1958
Places of manufacturing: Gwinner, Bismarck, downtown Fargo, and Wahpeton
Excavator warranty: 2 years/2,000 hours
Smallest excavator: E10 - operating weight 2,593 lbs
Largest excavator: E165 - operating weight 38,376 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 17


Case excavator
CASE CX220E excavator. Image source: casece.com

With a heritage stretching back 180 years, CASE Construction Equipment is a testament to American innovation in the construction industry. Jerome Increase Case laid the foundation in Racine, Wisconsin in 1842, propelling the brand to the forefront of road construction with pioneering steam-powered machines. CASE cemented its role in industry advancements by' paving the world.' This trailblazing spirit continued into 1957 with the debut of the industry’s first factory-integrated loader/backhoe, a hallmark of CASE's enduring dedication to practical and groundbreaking innovation.

Year founded: 1842
Places of manufacturing: India and Itay
Excavator warranty: 1 year
Smallest excavator: CS15EV - operating weight 3,186 lbs
Largest excavator: CX750D - operating weight 158,300 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 31


Cat 325 excavator
Cat 325 excavator. Image source: Cat

Caterpillar Inc. is globally recognized as a premier construction and mining equipment manufacturer and a leader in producing off-highway diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives. With nearly a century of experience, Caterpillar is committed to helping customers create a more sustainable world. Their extensive product line, which has over 4 million Cat® products at work worldwide, shows their influence and commitment to progress in various industries. Caterpillar continues to focus on innovation and sustainability, striving to provide exceptional value and support through its comprehensive global dealer network.

Like many manufacturers, though, Caterpillar’s parts are made all over the world and then assembled in the states so they can slap that “Made in U.S.A.” sticker on their machines.

“As one of America’s oldest manufacturers, Caterpillar is proud to be an American company serving the U.S. and the world since 1925.

We manufacture in every region in the world to support our global customers, but there’s no country where we employ more people than the United States.”

Year founded: 1925
Places of manufacturing: China
Excavator warranty: No more than 2 years (varies on parts and equipment)
Smallest excavator: 300.9D - operating weight of 2,061 lbs
Largest excavator: 398 - operating weight 207,400 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 52

John Deere

John Deere 200 G-Tier excavator digging
John Deere 200 G-Tier excavator. Image source: Deere

John Deere, a name that goes hand in hand with agricultural innovation, has been a cornerstone of the industry for 185 years. With over 100 locations worldwide, John Deere continues to drive productivity and sustainable business practices to tackle global challenges. As a Fortune 500 company, they maintain a strong international presence, with 47% of their consolidated net sales and revenues coming from outside the United States, demonstrating their global impact and commitment to helping customers everywhere thrive.

Year founded: 1925
Places of manufacturing: North Carolina, Brazil, and China
Excavator warranty: 2 years/2,000 hours
Smallest excavator: 17 P-Tier - operating weight of 3,790 lbs
Largest excavator: 670 P-Tier - operating weight 154,103 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 26


orange develon excavator
DEVELON excavator. Image source: DEVELON North America

Starting in 1937, Doosan, now known as DEVELON, has etched its name as a trusted equipment manufacturer. The company first made waves under the Daewoo brand before evolving into the Doosan we know today, and now takes a bold step into the future as DEVELON. This rebranding shows the company's evolution and enduring commitment to innovation and forward-thinking in the heavy machinery industry.

Year founded: 1937
Places of manufacturing: Bismarck, ND
Excavator warranty: 3 years/5000 hours
Smallest excavator: DX27Z-7 - operating weight of 6,173 lbs
Largest excavator: DX1000LC-7 - operating weight of 221,280 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 29


Hitachi excavator with dirt in the bucket
Hitachi ZX210LC-6 excavator. Image source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) stands as a beacon in the construction machinery landscape of North and Latin America, with a journey that began in 1981. From its first steps as Kawasaki Loaders Inc. in Georgia, it grew through innovation and expansion, including significant model launches and a pivotal acquisition by Hitachi in 2015. Today, HCMA is known for its robust technology and service, ready to tackle the future with a solid legacy and an eye on increasing its footprint in the Americas

Year founded: 1937
Places of manufacturing: Japan
Excavator warranty: 1 year/5,000 hours
Smallest excavator: ZX17U-5N- operating weight 3,790 lbs
Largest excavator: EX8000-7B, T4F - operating weight 1,856,292 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 46


Hyundai HX210A L excavator
Hyundai HX210A L excavator. Image source: Hyundai Construction Equipments

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc., is a subsidiary within the Hyundai Heavy Industries family. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, they collaborate with an extensive network of over 170 dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Hyundai offers a comprehensive range of construction equipment, from powerful excavators to versatile wheel loaders and beyond, catering to various construction needs with efficiency and reliability.

Year founded: 1947
Places of manufacturing: Brazil and Italy
Excavator warranty: 3 years
Smallest excavator: R17Z-9A - operating weight 3,920 Ibs
Largest excavator: HX900L - operating weight 206,570 Ibs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 25


JCB 245XR excavator
JCB 245XR excavator. Image source: JCB.com

JCB traces its roots back to 1945 when Joseph Cyril Bamford began with a simple agricultural trailer. Over the years, JCB has grown from a one-man workshop to a global entity with a presence in four continents and a network of over 750 dealers. Known for its pioneering spirit and never-satisfied attitude, the family-run company has been responsible for a string of industry firsts, including its iconic backhoe loader and the world's first fully suspended, high-speed tractor, the Fastrac. Under the Bamford family's guidance, JCB continues to lead with a focus on sustainability and innovation, adapting to new market challenges while maintaining a commitment to quality and efficiency.

Year founded: 1945
Places of manufacturing: UK, Brazil, Germany, China, North America, and India
Excavator warranty: 2 years
Smallest excavator: 8008 CTS - operating weight of 2094 lbs
Largest excavator: JS385LC HD - operating weight of 83,835 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 16


Kato HD823MR-7 excavator
KATO HD823MR-7 excavator. Image source: KATO-CES

KATO, founded as KATO Iron Works in 1895, has evolved into a prominent construction equipment manufacturer. With its North American distribution established by Compact Excavator Sales, LLC, in 1994, KATO has maintained a reputation for innovation and quality. In 2016, KATO Works expanded by acquiring the IHI Construction Machinery compact equipment line, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and customer service. Today, KATO CES remains a family-owned enterprise dedicated to providing the highest-quality compact construction equipment and upholding a tradition of integrity and unparalleled service over a century.

Year founded: 1895
Places of manufacturing: China
Excavator warranty: 2 years/2,000 hours
Smallest excavator: HD9V5 - operating weight of 2,312 lbs
Largest excavator: HD514MR-7 - operating weight of 31,085 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 20


KOBELCO SK380SRLC-7 excavator. Image source: KOBELCO USA

KOBELCO has been in the industry since 1930 and is known for its innovative contributions, such as the first short rear swing excavator. They focus on quality and innovation, with a well-established dealer network across North and Latin America and a fully stocked parts facility in Texas. Committed to staying ahead of the curve, KOBELCO continues to meet the evolving needs of the construction sector.

KOBELCO’s site makes it a little difficult to find out where their excavators are made since they are manufactured in Japan and the States. So we’ll just put both.

Year founded: 1930
Places of manufacturing: South Carolina and Japan.
Excavator warranty: 4 years/4,000 hours
Smallest excavator: SK17SR-6E - operating weight of 3,681 lbs
Largest excavator: SK350LC-11 - operating weight of 84,200 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 16


Kubota KX080-5 excavator in a field
Kubota KX080-5 excavator. Image source: Kubota USA

Kubota is a brand known for durable and versatile compact tractors. They're committed to fostering a sustainable society and supporting the cycle of nature with their mission "For Earth, For Life." Focusing on engineering excellence, Kubota empowers customers to care for their land and tackle construction projects with their range of compact, innovative mini excavators, introduced in 1979. While better known for their tractors, their compact excavators have also made a significant mark. Kubota continues to integrate new technologies into its products, aiming to address current and future challenges with practical and advanced solutions.

Year founded: 1979
Places of manufacturing: Japan
Excavator warranty: 2 years/2,000 hours
Smallest excavator: K008-5 - operating weight of 2,315 lbs
Largest excavator: KX080-4 - operating weight of 19,335 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 10


Komatsu HB365LC-3 excavator
Komatsu HB365LC-3 excavator. Image source: Komatsu USA

Komatsu began over 100 years ago as a mining operation in Japan and has grown into a global industrial leader. Founded by Meitaro Takeuchi, it shifted from copper mining to machinery manufacturing, with a strong focus on community development and innovation. Known for producing the first Japanese farm tractor and expanding into global markets, Komatsu is committed to sustainable development and improving life through its products and services.

Year founded: 1917
Places of manufacturing: Japan
Excavator warranty: 1 year
Smallest excavator: PC30MR-5 - operating weight of 6,812 lbs
Largest excavator: PC8000-11 - operating weight of 852 tons
Total number of excavators in lineup: 50


Liebherr R 928 Litronic excavator
Liebherr R 928 Litronic excavator. Image source: Liebherr

Liebherr has been in the United States market since the early 1970s, marking its entry by establishing two manufacturing facilities and setting up its North American headquarters in Newport News, Virginia. The company has expanded with four distinct entities within the U.S., engaged in marketing and manufacturing a diverse array of products and technologies. These entities collaborate to offer sales and service across twelve product segments, supported by a network of company-owned locations and a robust network of dealers.

Year founded: 1949
Places of manufacturing: Switzerland
Excavator warranty: 3 years
Smallest excavator: R 914 Compact Litronic - operating weight of 32,520 lbs
Largest excavator: R 9800 G6 - operating weight of 882 tons
Total number of excavators in lineup: 47


Link-Belt 220 X4S excavator
Link-Belt 220 X4S excavator. Image source: Link-Belt

Link-Belt excavators, symbolized by LBX Company, started their journey in 1874 with the invention of the Link-Belt drive chain, setting the stage for a legacy of innovation and problem-solving. Specializing in excavators, forestry equipment, and material handlers, LBX has become synonymous with durable and reliable machinery. Their commitment to customer-first support and advanced technology has allowed them to expand across North America and into Latin America via their subsidiary, LBX do Brasil. Centralized in Lexington, Kentucky, LBX strives to deliver top-tier machinery and foster stronger communities, upholding this mission as its guiding principle.

Year founded: 1874
Places of manufacturing: Kentucky
Excavator warranty: 5 years/5,000 hours
Smallest excavator: 75 X3 SPIN ACE - operating weight of 17,400 lbs
Largest excavator: R 980 Demolition Litronic - operating weight of 158,300 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 18

New Holland

New Holland E57C excavator
New Holland E57C excavator. Image source: New Holland Constructions

New Holland has been a steadfast ally to farmers for 125 years, with its foundations laid by Abe Zimmerman in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Born from a simple equipment repair shop, the company has grown into a global agricultural specialist, offering a wide array of equipment and boasting a solid dealer network. Committed to innovation and sustainability, New Holland is a partner for every season, providing industry-leading solutions to enhance productivity and contribute to a sustainable future in agriculture.

Year founded: 1895
Places of manufacturing: Italy and Brazil
Excavator warranty: Up to 4 years/4,000 hours
Smallest excavator: E15X - operating weight of 3,194 lbs
Largest excavator: E60C - operating weight of 12,940 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 7


SANY SY60 excavator
SANY SY60 excavator in a Newman Tractor lot

Established in 1989, SANY has become one of the world's largest construction equipment manufacturers. Founded by Liang Wengen and partners in Lianyuan, it was officially renamed SANY five years later. With the release of China's first high-pressure concrete pump in 1994, SANY showcased its innovative capabilities. After 30 years of evolution, SANY has expanded into diverse sectors, including energy, financial services, and environmental protection. The company is committed to delivering high-quality products and services, fostering a positive work environment, and making significant contributions to society, all while maintaining a vision to build a top-tier global enterprise.

Year founded: 1989
Places of manufacturing: Georgia and China
Excavator warranty: Up to 5 years/5,000 hours
Smallest excavator: SY16C - operating weight of 4,023 lbs
Largest excavator: SY705H - operating weight of 173,063 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 19


Takeuchi mini excavator
Takeuchi mini excavator. Image source: Takeuchi Facebook page

Takeuchi began its journey in the compact equipment industry in 1963 and has established itself as a pioneer with significant contributions to the sector. With the introduction of the world's first compact excavator in 1971, followed by the first compact track loader in the mid-1980s, Takeuchi has transformed the North American construction equipment market. Renowned for providing state-of-the-art products suited to the needs of today's contractors, Takeuchi supports its equipment with an extensive dealer and service network across North America, complemented by a comprehensive training, parts, and distribution facility near Atlanta, Georgia. The company's dedication to the compact market and innovative spirit continues to position it as a leader in the industry.

Year founded: 1963
Places of manufacturing: U.S., Japan, and China
Excavator warranty: 2 years/2,000 hours
Smallest excavator: TB210R - operating weight 2,535 lbs
Largest excavator: TB2150R - operating weight 34,435lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 18

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo excavator
Volvo ECR355E excavator. Image source: Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment () (Volvo CE) has a history of over 190 years, beginning as an engineering workshop in Sweden. It has become a leading figure in the construction industry, known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. By 2022, Volvo CE was pioneering the future by testing prototype hydrogen articulated haulers and delivering the world's first construction machine made from fossil-free steel. They have the most extensive range of battery-powered machines, marking their leadership in electric construction equipment. Volvo CE's journey from creating Sweden's first steam locomotive to developing autonomous and electric machines reflects nearly two centuries of continuous innovation and a dedication to advancing the construction equipment sector.

Year founded: 1832
Places of manufacturing: Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, India, China, and Korea
Excavator warranty: 2 years (parts) lifetime (frame, boom, and arm)
Smallest excavator: ECR18E - operating weight of 3,748 lbs
Largest excavator: EC950F - operating weight of 209,020 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 38

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson excavator
Wacker Neuson ET145 excavator. Image source: Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson started in 1848. With a global reach, they offer an extensive portfolio of construction equipment, spare parts, and related services. Their sales and aftermarket teams, supported by international production locations and a dealer network, ensure they stay connected to customers worldwide. Serving a variety of sectors, including construction, landscaping, municipal, and industrial, Wacker Neuson's diverse product line-up is designed to meet every need on the construction site. Living by the motto "all it takes," they are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for every step of construction work, enabling customers to achieve their goals with Wacker Neuson's dependable equipment.

Year founded: 1848
Places of manufacturing: Germany, Austria, the United States, China, and Serbia
Excavator warranty: 2 years (parts) lifetime (frame, boom, and arm)
Smallest excavator: 803 - operating weight of 2,268 lbs
Largest excavator: ET145 - operating weight of 38,085 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 13


XCMG XE490U excavator
XCMG XE490U excavator. Image source: XCMG USA

XCMG started in 1943. With a broad portfolio of over 190 countries, XCMG has built an extensive network featuring over 2,000 service centers. The company is dedicated to providing one-stop, integrated solutions that make operations more accessible for customers, from pre-sales to after-sales and financing services. XCMG is committed to lightening the load of heavy construction work globally, positioning itself as a local partner and the first responder to problems with a mission to reshape the world responsibly.

Year founded: 1943
Places of manufacturing: China
Excavator warranty: 5 years/5,000 hours
Smallest excavator: E18U - operating weight of 3,968 lbs
Largest excavator: ET145 - operating weight of 200,621lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 12


Yanmar mini excavator
Yanmar mini excavator. Image source: Yanmar Facebook page

Yanmar, founded in 1912, is mainly known for pioneering compact diesel engine technology. After introducing their first compact diesel engine in 1921, they revolutionized the sector and established the Yanmar brand name. The company continued innovating, developing the YB600 mini excavator series in 1971, further strengthening its position as a leader in compact construction machinery. Yanmar's dedication to the industry is underpinned by its commitment to research and development, with its Kyoto center spearheading new advancements. This commitment ensures Yanmar's construction equipment is at the cutting edge, supporting countless projects worldwide and driving the industry towards a more efficient, sustainable future.

Year founded: 1912
Places of manufacturing: Japan
Excavator warranty: 4 years/4,000 hours
Smallest excavator: E18U - operating weight of 2,282 lbs
Largest excavator: ET145 - operating weight of 21,219 lbs
Total number of excavators in lineup: 12

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