Broce Turf Boss

Broce Brooms was the original and most recognizable names in the street sweeper industry. The Broce Turf Boss is the king of turf field maintenance. Give us a call and we can help you finance a rent a new Broce Broom today!


Tier 4f/ Stage IV Certified

Rated Power: 37hp

Operating Weight: 3,600 lb (with water)

Broom Length: Full 8 ft

Broom Size: 6 3/8" ID x 24" OD


Broce Turf Boss for Sale or Rental

The Turf Boss is a one pass turf sweeper dedicated to reducing maintenance time on synthetic fields. With the same quality you've come to expect from other Broce Broom products, the Turf Boss has been customized for use on sporting fields to spread crumb rubber with ease.

The Turf Boss features a full 8’ brush contact, reversible rotation and a radiator designed to operate in temperatures of up to 140 °F.. This allows the operator to sweep in both directions with ease. It also helps ensure the life of the product. The “Turf Boss” is also the only system of its kind to incorporate a hydraulic oil cooler as a standard option, while the 12-inch-wide turf-specific tires leave minimal imprint on your field. Call Newman Tractor at 859-888-1813 to buy or rent a Broce Broom today.


Broce Turf Boss Tech Specs

Popular Additional Options

• Amber beacon and/or strobe light
• Front and rear work lights
• Engine safety shutdown system
• Windshield
• Horn
• Depth gauge

Turf Boss Common Applications

• Artificial turf fields: soccer fields, football fields
• Artificial turf fields where you may need to level or spread crumb rubber

Broce Turf Boss Standard Features

• Electronic variable speed, reversible brush
• Low impact, wide turf tires
• Protected rotating brush shaft and bearing
• HD Radiator with hydraulic oil cooler
• Safety orange paint
• 8’ steel core with 6 3/8” x 24” poly flat wafers
• Electric over hydraulic brush lock
• ISO 3471 Certified ROPS and canopy
• ISO 6683 Seat Belt
• Power steering
• 2-wheel hydraulic drum brakes with mechanical parking brake

• 16 gauge core cover
• 72 gallon fluid spray system
• Dash package includes: oil, water, alternator, fuel and hour indicators
• Danfoss hydrostatic transmission
• Hydraulic wheel drive motors
• Single direct-drive brush rotation motor
• Broom controls - 2-spool joystick valve with adjustable down-pressure and float position
• Steering - orbital power with dead steer ability
• Padded seat with arm rests and seat belt
• Reverse alarm


Variable Brush Rotation Speed

The Broce Turf Boss Street Sweeper has variable brush rotation speed in both directions. This feature employs ramp-up/down to reduce the wear and tear and is an additional safety feature for zero rotation on machine start-up.

Pull Out Locking Detent

Another built in safety feature on the Broce Turf Boss is brush reverse control with pull-out locking detent. This to prevents unintentional activation during startup or while moving.


Severe-Duty Radiator and Integrated Hydraulic Oil Cooler

The turf sweeper boasts the only 3-wheel sweeper with sever-duty radiator and integrated hydraulic oil cooler to stay cool at ambient field temperatures up to 140°F!

Broce Turf Boss Street Sweeper Parts & Service


Here at Newman Tractor, our Parts Department is always ready to answer questions about your Broce turf sweeper and deliver the parts you need, when you need them. Get your order started by calling us at 859.888.1588

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