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Sany SY35U Excavator

Finance a brand new Sany SY35U excavator today with 0% interest and America's best 5 year 5,000 warranty! We've got Sany SY35U excavators in stock and ready for your next rental or sale! Give us a call today!


Tier 4f/ Stage IV Certified

Rated Power: 24.4 hp / 18.2kW

Operating Weight: 8,499 lb / 3855 kg

Bucket Breakout: 6,834 lbf / 30.4 kN

Dig Depth: 10' 2"

Sany SY35U Excavators For Sale

Newman Tractor is an authorized Sany equipment dealership with over 40 years of experience in the construction equipment sales and rental industry. Call us today for financing deals or for a free on-site demo! 859-485-8500

Meet the New Sany SY35U Excavator

SY35U mini excavator is designed to help you work efficiently while maximizing your jobsite productivity. The 3.86 ton excavator has many features to help operators achieve the balance of power, smoothness, fuel efficiency and speed.

Sany SY35U Tech Specs

Sany SY35U Machine Features

• Engine: Yanmar 3TNV88-BDSA, Tier 4f.

• Zero tail swing is ideal for tight job sites and working in confined spaces.

• Lines are run down the boom and arm as standard equipment for east fit-up and running of hydraulic attachments.

• Enclosed cab with air conditioning standard for operator comfort.

• Load sensing hydraulics for increased fuel efficiency and maximized performance.

• Two-speed travel.

High Performance Engine

Yanmar Customized Engine: Strong power ensures reliability in tough work­ing conditions.

Step less Accelerator Speed Regulation System: The engine adopts step less accelerator speed regulation system, to make the machine work under any desired RPM, realizing a perfect match between different operation prefer­ence and maximum working efficiency.

Operator Comfort

The Sany SY35U excavator cabin adopts the latest noise reduction technology that meets the highest European standards, creating a more comfortable operating envi­ronment. These excavators also come in an open cab configuration.

Air conditioner & heater with 3D airflow is installed for maximum comfort.

Well-equipped cabin with radio, cigarette lighter, ashtray, cup holder, file pocket, cab light, garment hook, etc.

Digital Panel

The digital panel is used to display information and change system parameters. It consists of two main pages: default page and main menu. On the default page, key information, such as operating hours, cool­ant temperature, fuel level and warnings are clearly demonstrated. And the main menu displays the main signals to/from the controller, such as running information in real time, machine configuration, malfunction and GPS information, maintenance record and language selection.

(1) Clock

(2) Fuel level

(3) Hour meter

(4) Fault alarm

(5) Fault code

(6) Maintenance signal

(7) Coolant temperature

(8) Speed switch (full/idling)

(9) Enter main menu

(10) Battery charging

(11) Engine preheating

Additional Features

Powerful engine

The Sany SY35U mini excavator is equipped with the EPA Tier 4i 20.3/2200 kW/rmp Yanmar engine to better support the power and performance required for various applications. Also, the stepless speed change accelerator configured for the machine realizes free speed rotation in different working environments, ideal for the combination of operation and efficiency.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

The matched load sensing hydraulics is designed for increased fuel efficiency and maximized performance.

X-Shape Undercarriage

The X-shape undercarriage features strong intensity and rigidity, showing excellent bending and torsion resistance capacity, to meet different job sites.

Energy-Saving Technology

The self-developed boom and deflection head structure.

The topological optimization enhances the strength and reduces the weight, which guarantees fuel efficiency.

User-Friendly Operation

The zero tail swing is perfect for tight job sites and working in confined spaces. The open cab is designed to increase visibility, easy for the operator to observe the road conditions. The Europe-introduced latest noise-reduction technology creates a more focused operation environment; the optional multipoint air-conditioner offers you more choices.

Auxiliary Lines

The auxiliary lines are run down the boom and arm as standard equipment for easy fit-up and running of hydraulic attachments.

Easy Maintenance

The tail end of the machine is mainly designed for daily maintenance, to make it easily accessible to the air filter and fuel oil filter, facilitating the maintaining job.

Sany SY35U Excavator Parts

Here at Newman Tractor, our Parts Department is always ready to answer questions about your Sany SY35U excavator and deliver the parts you need, when you need them. Get your order started by calling us at 859.888.1588

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