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We believe that the best stories aren't always told... they're lived. It's our goal to film and share our customers & employees stories to show how passion behind construction equipment can change the world.


Kickin’ Kenny shows us how to use a needle scaler to shred years of corrosion off the undercarriage of a water truck on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION.

DECONSTRUCTION: Trade secrets on REMOVING spray paint with NO surface damage

Forkliff shares his trade secret on how to remove spray paint (or over-spray) off construction equipment without damaging the body paint on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION.

DECONSTRUCTION: Lifting a MASSIVE dump truck to replace a BENT UP drag link!

Josh and Dustin pull and replace the suspension on a John Deere 300D articulated truck on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION.

DECONSTRUCTION: How many TRICKS does it take to replace a HUGE Morooka track?

Tim pulls out all the tricks and techniques to remove and replace a huge rubber track on a Morooka crawler carrier on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION.

DECONSTRUCTION: You’re gonna LOVE the MAKEOVER on this 1978 dozer we’re sending to Africa!

On this episode of DeConstruction SEASON 2, Master Provisions, Vennefron and Newman Tractor team up to transform this 1978 D6 dozer into a piece of art before we ship it to Togo, Africa. Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world and will be using the dozer for farming 85 acres to maintain their corn, soybeans, pineapples and more.

DECONSTRUCTION is BACK! Check out Kicking Kenny and Forkliff’s reaction to SEASON 2

Everyone’s favorite construction equipment mechanics are back for Season 2 of DECONSTRUCTION! New episodes start airing this Tuesday, November 13th.

Put to the test! Hyundai HL940 Wheel Loader

Newman Tractor’s Fred Mitchel goes onsite at Smith Creek, Indiana and gives us a walk around of the NEW Hyundai HL940 Wheel loader in action at a HUGE mulching facility!

Young Life’s Capernaum Day Camp 2018

Every year the Newman family has the privilege to host our friends from Young Life’s Northern Kentucky Capernaum. Its always the most rewarding week of our summer and this year was one of the best yet!

DECONSTRUCTION: WELDING front spray heads onto a PETERBILT water truck

Jimmy fabricates a new water system from the ground up on a Peterbilt water truck on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.


Forkliff demonstrates his secret “paintless” technique for restoring a truck door on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.


Kickin’ Kenny disintegrates years of thick highway grease buildup from a fuel tank on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.

DECONSTRUCTION: How to STOP 175,000 pounds of STEEL and ROCK

Nate and Double Clutch tear down and repair a massive brake assembly on a B30E Bell articulated dump truck in this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.

Is there anything a Morooka Crawler Carrier can’t do?

Rick Newman gets under the hood of Newman Tractor’s Morooka carrier fleet and showcases the versatility of our personnel carriers, dumpers, water tanks, hydro seeders, straw blowers and Vac-Trons.


Forkliff patches, primes and paints an electric bus on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.

DECONSTRUCTION: PUNCHING out pins with a 100 TON track press

Nate swaps out an excavator track using a brand new 100 TON track press for the first time on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.

DECONSTRUCTION: How to TORCH OUT a broken bolt from a D7 bulldozer

Bill and Jimmy resort to a last ditch effort to extract a giant bolt on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.

DECONSTRUCTION: The LOST ART of BODYWORK on construction equipment

Watch Kickin’ Kenny and Forkliff pound, polish and prep a soil stabilizer for fresh paint on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.

DECONSTRUCTION: The LOST ART of PAINTING construction equipment

Kickin’ Kenny and Forkliff spray paint a soil stabilizer at the same time on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.


Kickin’ Kenny shreds a soil stabilizer down to it’s bare bones with his sandblaster on this episode of DECONSTRUCTION at Newman Tractor.

Dig Deeper

At Newman Tractor we believe that when you Dig Deeper it can involve your resources, your time or your relationships.

Ritchie Brothers – Worlds Largest Auction 2018

The 13,000 pieces of construction equipment that rolled into the 2018 Richie Bros. auction in Orlando, Florida this February shattered all previous world records.

ICUEE Demo Expo 2017 highlights in Louisville, Kentucky

The 2017 International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) kicked off Tuesday, October 3 with the official Kentucky Derby bugler opening the show to a full day of exhibits, education and networking.

One of the largest construction equipment paint shops in North America

Introducing Newman Tractor’s newest facility in Walton, Kentucky. Residing on 10 acres of property, our 23,000 foot shop space features a 70x25x25 state-of-the-art paint booth.

Rebuilding the mile long leaking dam at Lake White State Park, Ohio with Sunesis Construction

Newman Tractor partners with Sunesis & Bell America to rebuild the mile long leaking dam in Lake White state park in Ohio.

Leveling a slope for new CVS pharmacy with MDX Excavating in Florence, KY

MDX Owner, Alan Dedden, explains how Newman Tractor provides reliable, quality rental equipment with superior service and support.

Massive Sany excavator tour in Peachtree City, Georgia

In the small city of Peachtree City, Georgia, sits the 5th largest construction equipment manufacture in the world, Sany. Sany Group was founded in 1986 by 4 people and has expanded to 90,000 employees worldwide.

Ripping up trenches to replace a massive 8 mile gas line with Hall Contracting in Shelbyville, KY

Matt Salyers speaks with Keary Critchelow, the Superintendent of Hall Contracting-Pipeline Division about Sany Excavators.

Ritchie Brothers auction highlights at Orlando Florida 2017

Every year in sunny Orlando Florida, Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers kicks off one of the biggest equipment auctions in the world.

Bell 45E ADT training video from Newman Tractor

In this Bell Trucks training tutorial, Newman Tractor’s Matt Hall takes us through the ins and outs of the all new Bell B45E articulated dump truck.

Hammering through 80 feet of rock with H20 Construction at Kentucky College of Optometry

H2O Construction’s Steve Lockhart is with Marty Malloy at the UPike site talking about the performance of Newman Tractor’s new Sany Excavators and Okada Hammers.

Shredding 7,000 feet of woodage for Lebonon Ohio for Greensite Construction

Newman Tractor teams up with Greensite Construction and provide them with the powerful Feecon mulcher for their 7,000 foot land clearing project for the city of Lebanon, Ohio.

Florida’s eco-friendly steam pad at Newman Tractor

Our state-of-the-art heavy equipment cleaning facility was designed and engineered to have zero impact on our environment.

Florida customer appreciation with Newman Tractor

Today is about Newman Tractor giving back to our customers to show that we strive to build a long lasting relationship with everyone we work for.

Ritchie Brothers auction at Newman Tractor in Verona Kentucky

Newman Tractor partners with Ritchie Bros to host their first annual rental return, inventory reduction sale.