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Newman Tractor, a leading Broce dealership, has partnered with Broce Construction Brooms to sell the best street sweepers on the market. Broce Manufacturing has long been the leading producer of construction and industrial style street sweepers for the construction industry. Founded in 1963 in Dodge City, Kansas, Broce has been serving the construction industry for over 55 years as a family owned business. This fit well with Newman Tractors program and current line of new machines for sale or rent. Broce sweepers range in size to accommodate any milling and surface treatment project you throw at it! Call Newman Tractor at 863-777-5570 to buy or rent a Broce Broom today.


Broce Brooms For Sale - A road sweeper built for the construction industry

Broce Brooms is the industry leader and the first to include a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning for operator comfort. Broce street sweepers have a unique water spray system and is capable of traveling at road speeds of 35mph. Newman Tractor proundly carries Broce Brooms full line of self-propelled sweepers available for sale or rental.


Our Broce Rental Program

Street Sweepers rental across Eastern U.S.!

A combination of an optimally tuned engine and weight optimized complete machine package ensure that Bell ADTs have a minimal carbon footprint.

Our E-series truck platform easily accommodates the new engine and related emissions control technology and reflects our strategy of continuous improvement on all of our construction equipment.


New Broce sweepers for sale for any construction application

With decades of ADT experience, the new Bell E-series articulated hauler is designed and manufactured using purpose built, reliable Bell components best suited for the toughest of conditions. The central oscillation joint, high suspension travel on all axles, and balanced weight distribution provide the agility and ability to navigate hostile terrain. The high-strength steel chassis delivers strength and rigidity without excess weight.

Interested in a used road sweeper?

Buying or renting used construction equipment makes sense for companies on a tight budget or experiencing rapid growth. Whether you’re looking to trade-in, sell or buy a used street sweeper, Newman Tractor provides the fastest and most cost-effective solution to suit your needs. We carry a broad selection of pre-owned heavy equipment for sale or rent in a wide range of brands, models and ages. Use the button below to view our full inventory of used road sweepers and brooms.


Our Broce Broom Parts and Service Program

With years of Street Sweeper experience, Broce street sweepers are designed for quality and longevity. Should you need parts or service for your Broce Broom, Newman Tractor has the support you need to keep you up on the job and working. If you need parts or service for your sweeper truck, give us a call today at 863-777-5570.