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Bell Articulated Dump Trucks

Bell Articulating Dump Trucks haul more, for longer at the lowest cost-per-ton. Call to learn more about financing options available at 859-485-8500!


Your Bell Truck dealership for sales & Rentals

As a global leader in Off-Road Dump Trucks, Bell Construction Equipment brings you the world-class E-series range. The evolutionary E-series is packed with class-leading features that deliver production boosting payloads, lower daily operating costs, superior ride quality, and uncompromised safety standards. Bell E-series ADT's will give your business the competitive edge you need.

Newman Tractor is an authorized Bell Trucks dealership with over 40 years of experience in the construction equipment sales and rental industry. Call us today at 859.485.8500 for special financing options or for a free on-site demo for our entire Bell Truck line!


Bell Articulated Dump Trucks For Sale

The E is for Evolution

Building on the D-series platform, Bell Construction Equipment’s evolutionary approach to design delivers optimized power-to-weight ratio and legendary fuel efficiency. The new E-series range takes Bell ADT functionality to new industry standards, with customer-focused enhancements and the highest level of automated machine protection available.

Through substantial investments in Research and Development and employing industry-leading technology, advancements have been made in the key areas of performance and fuel efficiency – helping you to move more material at lower operating costs and environmental impact.

Brand New Bell Dump Trucks In Stock

The Cutting Edge of Truck Technology.

Our Bell Articulating Dump Trucks are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Whether you are interested in a new Bell Dump Truck, used, or even a rental, you've come to the right place. Give us a call today at 859.485.8500 and let us help you find the right Bell Truck for your next construction project.

Automatic Traction Control (ATC)

Bell Off-Road Trucks achieved this with speed sensors providing feedback to the truck on-board computer. The computer then controls differential lock activation as needed. This coupled with best-in-class rear suspension travel results in unparalleled off-road ability.

Optimized payload-to-weight ratio

Decreases your cost per ton with more of your fuel cost is spent moving the material, not running the machine.

Careful engine packaging and front chassis

Bell Trucks engine design gives the best approach angle to allow these ADT's to attack steep terrain.

Industry-leading automatic transmission

The Bell Articulating Dump Truck's torque converter lock-up maximizes fuel efficiency.

Automatic retardation

Bell Haulers slow when the operator backs off the accelerator pedal for more confidence on steep grades.

Electronic common rail fuel system

This provides high injection pressures even at low engine speed for improved cold-starting ability, low-speed response, and reduced emissions.

High-travel suspension

Bell Dump Trucks keep all tires in constant contact with the ground, for optimum traction.

Operate with ease.

The E-series takes operator
experience to new heights.

Bell Off-Road Dump Trucks use the latest in automotive technology and state-of-the-art tooling to make the operator feel right at home. Its quiet, spacious interior, ergonomically positioned operator station, and climate-controlled cabin is loaded with productivity-boosting comfort and convenience features that minimize operator fatigue and enhance the operator’s experience. Modern flowing lines, in keeping with current styling trends on-road vehicles, offer unsurpassed levels of visibility.

Full color 10" display

From the state-of-the-art 10” full-color screen, automotive mouse interface and sealed switch module with centrally located sealed display unit to air suspension seat, tilt/telescoping steering wheel and optional CD player with high-output speakers, the Bell construction equipment E-series provides everything your operators need to perform at their best.

In Cab Technology

Designed for optimal visibility and controllability

Easy-to-understand instruments and intuitive controls wrap around the operator so they’re easier to view and operate.

Latest technology display

A user-friendly 10” color monitor offers vital operating information, safety warnings, detailed diagnostic readings, and dump body function settings.

Fully adjustable air-suspension seat

With variable damping, the seat's auto height adjusts according to operator weight, pneumatic lumbar support, and multipoint harness for class-leading comfort and safety.

Sealed Switch Module

The switch module provides fingertip control of numerous productivity
enhancing functions including Bell Trucks: Keyless Start, I-Tip, Dump Body Upper Limit, Soft Stop/Hard Stop Selection, Retarder Aggressiveness, and Speed Control.

Adaptive transmission control

You can adjust clutch engagement to ensure smooth, consistent shifts throughout the life of the truck.

Next level retarder

You won’t find retarder pedals or levers in a Bell ADT. Retarder aggressiveness is simply set on the switch pad. Or Hill Descent Control can set it for you automatically.

An automotive controller

The controller provides the Bell ADT with menu navigation on the color monitor to extract information on machine operation and adjustment of machine settings.

Run leaner and cleaner

Best in class fuel consumption

A combination of an optimally tuned engine and a weight-optimized complete machine package ensures that Bell ADT's have a minimal carbon footprint.

Our E-series truck platform easily accommodates the new engine and related emissions control technology and reflects our strategy of continuous improvement.

Bell articulated dump truck's evolutionary E-series runs SCR-technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) in combination with EGR to give an industry-leading standard in fuel-efficient emission control, designed specifically for the off-highway market to be compliant to Stage IV and Tier 4f. Engine power and fuel consumption have been further optimized through event-dependent software that controls retardation, cooling, and charging of accumulators.

Uncompromised Durability

Built smarter, to work harder.

The Bell ADT offers optimized machine weights so you spend more time and money moving material and not running the machine.

With decades of ADT experience, the new Bell E-series articulated hauler is designed and manufactured using purpose-built, reliable Bell components best suited for the toughest of conditions. The central oscillation joint, high suspension travel on all axles, and balanced weight distribution provide the agility and ability to navigate hostile terrain. The high-strength steel chassis delivers strength and rigidity without excess weight.

Superior suspension

The A-frame suspension system coupled with hydro-pneumatic suspension struts reduces the lateral vibration often experienced with off-road conditions. A superior suspension seat provides additional isolation for the operator.

Best in class travel

Rough terrain demands tough suspensions. Heavy-duty components absorb shocks and come back for more. You get best-in-class suspension travel and ground clearance, too.

Safety is our business

By listening to users and delivering on expectations in an ever-changing workplace, we provide a truck that leads in application safety with numerous groundbreaking innovations.

Independent features such as Keyless Start, Hill Assist, Bin Tip Prevention, Auto Park Application (APA), Standard Turbo Spin Protection, and On-Board Weighing (OBW) are still standard on the E-series. For improved safety and productivity, the E-series has Automatic Traction Control (ATC).

Uncompromised Durability

Automatic Parking Brake

Bell articulating dump trucks parking brake automatically applies when neutral is selected and it is not possible to engage neutral at speed. Torque-dependent park brake release (Hill Assist) ensures no roll back on slopes.

Best in class retarder and engine braking

Bell construction equipment retarder and engine braking automatically applies when the operator lifts his foot off the accelerator. Retarder aggressiveness can be simply adjusted on the sealed switch module ensuring maximum descent control for all conditions.

Electronic speed control

The incorporation of a pitch and roll sensor in the vehicle prevents bin operation if the truck is in an unsafe position.

Automatic horn on engagement

All bell articulated dump trucks can be set up to automatically sound the horn when starting or switching between forward and reverse.


Multiple geofencing in challenging site conditions ensures safe machine operation, such as downhill speed control, geofence speed limits, and bin restrictions.

Keyless starting

Keyless start, driver identity, and access codes ensure no unauthorized operation of your equipment.

Electronic on-board weighing

The exclusive onboard weighing presents the operator with real-time information on the payload while the machine is being loaded. A ‘speed restriction’ mode can also be activated if the machine is significantly overloaded.

Pitch and roll sensors

The Bell E Series' incorporation of a pitch and roll sensor in the vehicle prevents bin operation if the truck is in an unsafe position.

Bell Fleetmatics

Cutting-edge technology, helping you run your fleet smarter. Providing
accurate, up-to-date operational data, production data and diagnostic

The key to a productive and profitable fleet lies in the ability to monitor and manage your machines and operators efficiently. Machine operational data is processed and compiled into useful production and performance statistics, accessible via the Bell Fleetm@tic® website. These reports are also automated and emailed directly to you. The two monitoring packages that we have available, are:

• The Classic Package supplies you with good enough information for you to have a very good understanding of how your machine is operating for each shift that it runs. This package comes standard with the machine for 2 years.

• The Premium Package is focused on customers who need to have extremely detailed information about the machine’s operation. For this package we offer similar information to that of the Classic Package but for each individual laden - unladen cycle. In addition, live tracking is available on the Fleetm@tic® website on a per-minute basis.

Optimal Power to Weight

Bell Articulated Trucks- Optimized power to weight ratio for fuel efficiency

Planetary powershift transmission optimizes shift points to match conditions and vehicle weight while protecting the transmission from operator error and abuse.

The transfer case inter-axle differential delivers equal torque to each axle when traction is favorable. When conditions deteriorate, the diff-lock automatically engages to deliver torque to the tires that can best use it.

High-strength steel and widely spaced taper roller bearings in the articulation area enhance long-term durability.

Building on the D-series platform, Bell Equipment’s evolutionary approach to design delivers optimized power-to-weight ratio and legendary fuel efficiency.

A tailgate is available as an option for better material retention. The tailgate opens as the bin is raised for dumping. Spring steel straps maintain a positive seal throughout the haul, ensuring minimal material is lost.


Bell Parts & Top Tier Support

With the Bell off-road truck support program, we'll help you maximize your machine's uptime. Through our own network as well as approved dealers and strategic alliances we ensure supply of Bell Parts and support to the global market.

Develop a lasting and meaningful partnership with Bell Equipment through Bell Assure, your tailor-made support structure furnished with all the after-sales tools and Bell parts you need to give you the best value, peace of mind, and a unique after-sales experience.

Interested In Used?

Buying or renting used Bell construction equipment makes sense for companies on a tight budget or experiencing rapid growth. Whether you’re looking to trade-in, sell or buy a used articulated truck, Newman Tractor provides the fastest and most cost-effective solution to suit your needs. We carry a broad selection of pre-owned heavy equipment for sale or rent in a wide range of brands, models, and ages. Use the button below to view our full inventory of used Bell articulated trucks.