Bell is the global Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) specialist. With their proven performance, Bell Trucks America is your go-to, one-stop shop for innovation and close-customer interaction for the best ADT’s in the United States and Mexico. Every product is equipped with the latest technology to offer maximum comfort, safety, and productivity.


Bell Trucks are complete with an ergonomic operator station to make a hard day’s work a little less hard.

Adaptive Suspension makes a rough ride into a joy ride.

Always losing keys?

Bell eases minds with their Keyless Start.

And the Operator Identification allows you to know who is controlling your machine at every second.




For Bell, safety is everything.

i-Tip Automated Tipping increases safety and even reduces tip time.

The Tip Safe function prevents unsafe tipping on uneven terrain.

Hill Assist eliminated uncontrolled movement on slopes.

Speed Control and Automated Traction Control creates a safer work site for all.

Finally, the Turbo Spin Down protects the machine by letting it shut down safely.



Fleetm@tic lets you follow the machine and its productivity from your desktop.

Full production reports sent to your computer so you are never out-of-the-loop even if away from the work site.

Optimized power-to-weight ratio, on-board weighing, superior diagnostics, and the versatruck range are the best in the business.

Every truck has Mercedes-Benz engine, Allison automated transmission, and Blu@dvantage technology for the lowest emissions and reductions of fuel burn. Save on fuel to save on operating cost and servicing cost.



Comfort, Safety, Productivity, and light environment footprint sync together to create the low-cost performing, innovative Bell ADT.