Sany SY215C Excavator

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Tier 4f/ Stage IV

Rated Power: 164 hp / 122 kW

Operating Weight: 51,918 lb / 23,550 kg

Bucket Breakout: 28,551 lbf / 127 kN

Dig Depth: 21' 8"


Sany SY215C Excavators For Sale

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Meet the New Sany SY215C Excavator

The Sany SY215C excavator is designed to help you work efficiently while maximizing your jobsite productivity. The 21.5 ton excavator has many features to help operators achieve the balance of power, smoothness, fuel efficiency and speed.

The 21900 kg SY215C adopts Cummins QSB6.7-C164, with 125/1900kW/rpm power force, delivering new levels of efficiency and productivity that help you get the job done.


Sany SY215C Tech Specs


Sany SY215C Machine Features

• Engine: Cummins QSB6.7 T4 final
• Newly designed SANY cab has maximum space, wide visibility and easy access to controls with a full-color monitor providing easy access to machine operation information
• Standard features include two-way auxiliary hydraulics and a pattern-control change valve to increase productivity and versatility
• True, long undercarriage design to increase stability

High Efficiency and Low Consumption Engine

High economy

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power to provide a strong operating force. Optimized operation performance of the engine reduces the loss of power. The engine is designed to work in four modes according to different working conditions.

Working efficiency up by 8%

Innovative controller with faster compu­tation and more accuracy reduces the response time of hydraulic elements, lowers the internal power loss of the system and increases the operating output power.

Fuel consumption down by 10%

The positive flow controlled hydraulic system considerably reduces fuel consumption. Advanced computer dynamic control technology provides real-time match between engine power and main pump power. Four power modes maximize the fuel economy.


Digging force up by 9.5%

Enhanced work equipment can bear high pressure of quality hydraulic elements and circuits, and strengthen the digging force.

Low Noise Cab

With a high-rigid structure, the new cab uses damping materials that give a better noise-absorbing effect. The adoption of properly sealed windows, noise reduction design and low-noise engine enables the machine to produce a noise as low as a passenger car.

Operator Comfort

Innovative Large Cab

The innovative large cab is equipped with an adjustable seat with suspension. The seat can be adjusted as desired. The rigidity of seat can also be adjusted accord­ing to the operator's weight.

Controls & Levers

The control levers and joysticks designed and arranged according to ergonomic, can be operated easily. Each operation button is within the reach of operator.

Silicone Rubber Shock Absorber

A rubber shock absorber is fixed to the swing platform in six points, which has minimized the shock brought by rough road and engine or hydraulic impact. This considerably increased the cab stability while improving operator comfort.

Pressure Sealed Cab

Multi-functional LCD Monitor

Operating Priority and Fuel-saving Priority Working Modes

Heavy duty mode: Full power output provides efficient operation.
Standard mode: 90% of the rated power reduces fuel consumption and noise.
Light duty mode: 80% of the rated power ensures fuel economy.
Break mode: 90% of the rated power reduces
fuel consumption

Innovative Features of Controller

1.) Precise controller customized for SANY.
2.) Faster computing speed, 66% higher than last generation.
3.) Automatic self-diagnosis and recovery system.
4.) Remote Diagnosis: according to the real-timeapplications, shown on the centralized diagnos tic monitor, determine the location of the faults that may occur remotely.

Advanced computer dynamic control technology provides real-time match between engine power and main pump power.

The sealed design ensures that the air pressure inside the cab is higher than outside, thus preventing the dust invasion.


Sany SY215C Additional Features

Dual-pump, dual-circuit power control system

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the Sany SY215C Excavator's Cummins QSB6.7-C164 engine develops its power to a maximum driving force. The real-time monitoring and auto-adjustment on the system conditions can ensure the engine not overload when the machine works with full load.

The positive flow controlled hydraulic system

This system makes the main pump’s displacement proportionally adjusted according to the signal pressure from the pilot stick, achieving a real-time match of flow in the system. Give you a “what you get is what you need” experience.

Lowering the fuel consumption by 10 percent

The advanced computer dynamic control technology provides real-time match between engine power and main pump power. Also the four working mode, heavy duty mode, standard mode, light duty mode, and break mode, maximize the fuel economy.

Excellent cooling effect

The water-cooling turbo diesel engine, with six-cylinder, four-stroke direct-injection turbocharger and air-air intercooler, make up a complete engine cooling system. The large-capacity of 5.86L displacement, also helps reduces the engine heat load and givers a longer service life.

Strong structure

The reinforced X-frame modeled with digital tools, through finite element analysis on loading capacity realizes the tough structure.

Comfortable operating environment

Spacious operation cab, equipped with the sealed design, ensure the higher air pressure inside, a key to sure the cleanness.
The silicone rubber shock absorber minimizes the shock caused by the rough road and hydraulic impact, increasing the stability of the cab.
The top plate of cab is punch-formed with thick high-strength steel sheet integrated with reinforced ribs, together with the hydraulic lockout control, prevents accidents and creates a safer operating environment.

Sany SY215C Excavator Parts


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