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Merlo P65.14 TurboFarmer

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Iveco 4 cyl. Turbo Diesel

Max Load Capacity: 14,330 lbs.

Operating Weight: 34,800 lbs.

Rated Power: 170hp

Max Lift Height: 45′ 6″

Max Reach: 28' 9"

Merlo Panoramic 65.14 US

The telescopic handlers of the Panoramic range have been updated to Tier 4 Final engines 170Hp to be even more innovative, safe, and high performing.
The Merlo P65.14 US has the largest cab in its category while containing; an electromechanical joystick, new digital display, inching control options, finger touch reverse shuttle, and new glove box.

With speed control options, 4 wheel drive, and 3 steering modes, operating a Merlo Telehandler has never been easier! The RPM regulator that allows the operator to set the minimum RPM desired.

As usual, all Merlo Machinery are equipped with hydrostatic transmission with EDP (Eco Power Drive) as standard.

Newman Tractor is an authorized Merlo Telehandler dealership with over 40 years of experience in the construction equipment sales and rental industry. Call us today for special financing options or for a free on-site demo on a Merlo Telehandler! 859.888.1588

Panoramic 65.14 US Specs

Merlo Panoramic 65.14 US Machine Features

• Engine: Iveco 170 HP (125 kW) four-cylinder FTP Stage Tier IV final engine
• The entire range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes the work phases simpler and more precise reducing the machine’s fuel consumption
• The engine complies with anti-pollution regulations with the DOC and SCR
• Multiple speed travel

High-Performance Engine & Transmission

The Merlo designers have adopted technologically advanced diesel engines, advanced hydrostatic transmissions and axles equipped with dry disc brakes, which contribute to reducing power absorption.

The Load Sensing Flow Sharing pump allows numerous simultaneous movements regardless of the load handled, the operating pressure, the engine revolutions or the pump flow rate.

This model offers a maximum speed of 25 mph

Operator Comfort

The new cab of generous dimensions, is mounted on Silent Blocks to drastically reduce vibrations, guaranteeing maximum comfort and visibility

Boom Suspension System is available to protect the load during transfer

Additional Features


Largest cab in ts category
Electromechanical Joystick
New digital screen display
Inching-Control expanded sensitivity for creep movements.
Finger touch reverse shuttle
Glove box for storage


The Merlo telescopic handlers are compact and lightweight to reduce manoeuvring space and impact on the ground.
These features guarantee safety, manoeuvrability, productivity and lower consumption.

Merlo Panoramic 65.14 US

Here at Newman Tractor, our Parts Department is always ready to answer questions about your Merlo Panoramic 65.14 US and deliver the parts you need, when you need them. Get your order started by calling us at 859.888.1588

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